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Drop Dots Colorfully Textured Spiky Bounce Balls Are Designed For Easier Grip


Whether you like to bounce them, toss them, or fidget with them, Drop Dots are colorful balls that are so much fun to play with!  These best-selling bounce balls with spiky texture that gives them a unique and fun feel, makes it easier to catch and grip them!  

I received some samples of the Kess Drop Dots and they are so fun to play with!  They really are easier to grip and catch, and I love the spiky texture on the ball.  The texture doesn't hurt or pinch.  It is very comfortable to hold and fun to fidget with too!

The Drop Dots are available in 3 sizes, Junior, Classic and Mini.  They are available at Target, major retailers nationwide and in an amazing assortment of color combinations!  They retail for $8.99 and are perfect for ages 6 and up!

Check out this fun video featuring Drop Dots!

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Disclosure:  I received product to review for my honest, personal opinion.


  1. First, these just look really cool. Second, they look like fun for kids.


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