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Easter Basket Fun from Basic Fun Toys

This Easter, Basic Fun Toys has lots of fun toys for your Easter baskets.  Check out my fun reviews revealing the mystery toys or as we in the toy business call them, blind bag toys, that are available!

Disclosure:  I received toys to review for my honest personal opinion.

Check out my video reviews below and learn more about these fun toys!

Mash’Ems Wear’Ems
• Hot new wearable collectibles!
• Kids can make their own unique fashion statement & collect with friends!
• Each jewelry box comes with two super stretchy adorable characters – one
that can be seen and one that's a surprise!
• Can be worn as rings, hair ties, or they can decorate pencil boxes,
backpacks or anything
• 24 to collect, kids may unbox a Rare or Ultra Rare new friend!
• Manufacturer: Basic Fun!, Ages 4+, SRP $3.99

Mash’Ems: Harry Potter and Captain Marvel
• Fans of Harry Potter and Captain Marvel can now collect their favorite
• Harry Potter Mash’Ems have 6 unique characters in blind capsules, including
Harry Potter and Dumbledore.
• Captain Marvel Mash’Ems have 4 unique characters in blind capsules, including
Captain Marvel and Talos
• Mash'ems are soft, water filled collectibles that kids love to mash, twist and stretch.
• Manufacturer: Basic Fun!, For Ages 4+, SRP $2.99 each

• Squishy, everlasting balloon-animal figures that never deflate!
• Each balloon-shaped capsule contains a blind-packed ZooBalloos
figure, stickers, and a surprise Bopaballoo self-inflating balloon
• Just set the Bopaballoo on a hard surface, bop it with your fist,
shake it up, watch it inflate!
• It will pop out of its wrapper with a sprinkle of confetti – it looks like
magic, but it's a safe, baking-soda chemical reaction.
• Collect all 28 ZooBalloos in Series 1, including 18 Common, 8
Metallic Rare, and 2 Glitter Ultra Rare!
• Manufacturer: Basic Fun!, Ages 4+, SRP $5.99

Little Lucky Lunchbox
• These cute culinary collectibles come with two blind-packed Foodie Friends – each with another
surprise hidden inside (adorably delicious Little Foodie Friends or Stickers
• Mix, match, and trade the Foodie Friends to create the cutest little menu around!
• Each Little Lucky Lunchbox includes 2 Foodie Friends, 1 Little Foodie, 1 Sticker, and 1 Collector
• Manufacturer: Basic Fun!, Ages 4+, SRP $5.99

• Adorable, collectible stuffed animals wrapped and hidden in burrito blankets that kids
can unroll and discover!
• Based on the current trend of pets rolled up in blankets like burritos, now kids can
collect all twelve different Cutetitos (including some super rare ones)!
• Each uniquely-wrapped burrito comes in large a Blind Bag, which is so exciting to
open and unveil which Cutetito is concealed inside – it could be a Slothito, Puppito,
Bunnito, Monkito or others!
• More fun surprises include finding the Cutetitos’ personality “Hot Spot” (mild, medium,
hot or super spicy), their birthday and favorite “quotito”.
• Manufacturer: Basic Fun!, Ages 6+, SRP $9.99

You can learn more about these toys by signing up for their newsletter on their website,  or connecting with Basic Fun on social media!

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  1. My daughter would absolutely love those new Mash'ems Wear'Ems, they are definitely something she would flip over! I think the ZooBalloos are super cute too! I have been seeing them everywhere on social media lately, I really want to check them out!

  2. These are some really cute ideas for the little ones. I really like the ZooBalloos.


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