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Blogging isn't all about mommies.  There are plenty of Dad bloggers out there who love to share tips and information on building strong family values, managing households and other useful information for parents.

Take for example.  His blog focuses on stories to help other fathers manage their families efficiently and effectively. He also shares tips he learned from his father and how he applies them to his family today.  .

Throughout the blog is a lot of useful information for dads and moms.  He includes topics like:

Dad Lessons

In this section, David gives both funny and serious lessons to his readers.  He shares tips on connecting with his wife, and he even shares some lighthearted dad jokes that will even get us wives chuckling. 

Money Lessons

In this section, he shares money tips he learned from his own father, and great deals he finds on the internet and wants to share with his readers. 

Manly Meals

This section is dedicated to great food tips and recipes, including some awesome chili recipes I want to make for my husband! 

Tech Lessons

This section has useful information on setting parental controls on Xbox One, blocking inappropriate content, setting screen times, preventing unauthorized purchases, and muting and blocking. There are also great articles on 10 Must Have Apps For Dad, and Protecting Your Kids Online.

Be sure to visit as he shares all of his useful knowledge and be sure to enter to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card below!

About the author

David is on Dad journey with 4 kids and an amazing wife. He writes about Funny Lessons, Money, Dad Life, Tech and even meals. He wants to give the next generation the best chance for success. So he started Dad Life Lessons to offer up advice and information to the next generation. David didn't want to share the few things he learned and loved over his lifetime with just a few close friends when he knew it could help others. David isn't perfect in any way but he has had life losses, victories and lessons, and hopes that sharing those can help the next generation.
Here is to his new journey, I hope you will join him!


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