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Giveaway! Fix Your Eyeglasses Easily With the Snapit Glasses Repair Kit

Have you ever had your glasses or sunglasses lose a screw or become loose?  It always happens at the most inconvenient place and time. This convenient and purse friendly kit is perfect for keeping on hand at all times.  It can even be kept in a glove compartment or desk drawer.

SnapIt Screw helps you to fix your eyeglasses in seconds. Including 5 screws of varying lengths & thickness, it is compatible with over 99% of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

I hate fidgeting with those tiny screws that come in some repair kits. You know, the ones that are so hard to get into the hole and fall on the ground, only to be never seen again.  This kit is different.  The screws are extended with a snap off piece that makes it easier for you to get them into your glasses hole, so that you can repair them easier.

It is perfect for repairing loose hinges or replacing missing screws on your eyeglasses. Simply drop the screw in the hinge, screw it down and snap the end off.

  • No additionals tools needed.
  • The extended hand-breakable feeder tip makes handling and insertion into frames easy.
  • The stainless steel design will cut new threads to repair stripped threads.
  • Snapit screws are fully threaded and can be inserted from the top or bottom of the hinge.
  • 5 screws in varying lengths and thickness.
  • 1 screwdriver.
  • 1 carry tube.

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