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Let ProNexis Effectively Handle Your Leads

If you are looking for ways to run your business more efficiently and effectively, let ProNexis help you find the solution with their professional services.

ProNexis is a lead management service which was born in 2015, that is committed to helping you close more leads and add more appointments to your calendar with their high quality agents, by using their proprietary technology. Their mission is to increase brand equity through trans-formative technology, marketing and lead handling. They do this by capitalizing every call that comes in, and generating them into appointments and revenue for your business.

ProNexis was started several years ago by Scott Abbott.  Scott wanted to get a better understanding of the hoe services market, so he called over 1,000 service professionals to seek information.  Of all of those calls, only 200 answered their phones, and less than fifty percent attempted to contact him back.

Scott next decided to build a painting company.  He called it Five Star Painting.  His goal was to be there when the customer was ready for him.  He then built a call center that was ready to call any location at any reasonable hour, and a system that would contact any person that entered their information online, within one minute of submitting.  Many of the people were "freaked out" about how fast they were contacted back. As a matter of fact, today, 9 out of 10 calls are answered back within the first 20 seconds, by their professional agents.

The system Scott built was so successful that he grew his painting business into over 100 locations across the USA and Canada in less than 15 years.  He decided to sell his painting business, but kept the system that made it successful.  This system is ProNexis.  Within the system are different ways to maximize your leads.  Some of these systems include Lead Inhaler, which is an aggressive lead collecting software, which collects leads from all available sources.  There is also an Automatic Contact System which can optimize a contact pattern for your specific brand or industry.  These are just a couple of ways that ProNexis can help you.

Today, the tools developed for his Five Star Painting brand, ProNexis, are uses it to help other brands and businesses.   It has become a solution for connecting homeowners to service professionals efficiently and effectively.  It all begins with your leads and ends with satisfied customers and service professionals that can focus on estimating and closing jobs.

All of the agents that ProNexis uses, are trained in your franchise.  This is to ensure that whenever you or a lead call in, they are able to answer any questions efficiently, without guessing the answer. Also, once a lead is scheduled, you will be sent an email notification, and if you wish, you can also set up your google calendar to notify you when an appointment is scheduled via sms text or email.

Let ProNexis' smart, sales focused reps help you.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.