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Giveaway! The Art of Saying Thank You

It seems that saying Thank You is becoming a thing of the past.  Showing one's gratitude was once something that people did automatically.  People often wrote thank you notes when others showed signs of endearment, gave gifts, or when they received hospitable service from friends and family.

Nowadays, you are lucky if you get a text message saying thanks. What happened?

Saying Thank you is simple. But in addition to saying it, you must mean it. It is one thing to say Thank you, but it is more important to say it, like you really mean it.  

Arvind Devalia wrote a great article titled, How to Master the Art of Saying Thank you, which is  great read.  Be sure to check it out.

I was always taught that sending a note of thanks to those who go out of their way to do kind things for me, was the proper thing to do.  It doesn't have to be a long and drawn out thank you.  Just a few simple words of thanks will suffice.

If you have never personally written a thank you card, it is very simple.  Here is a quick and acceptable example:

Dear Alicia,

Thank you for your kind gift!  I truly appreciate it!


This style is short and sweet.  Yet, it gets my message across to the recipient. 

For a more formal Thank you note, you can go into a little bit more detail.  Here is an example:

Dear Dena,

Thank you for accompanying me to Toy Fair in NYC.  I truly enjoyed our adventure together and your company.  Your kind gestures and encouraging words were very much appreciated.  I look forward to seeing you again in the near future on our next adventure!  Until then, I wish you much success in your endeavors.


Picking out the perfect Thank you cards is an easy task.  Just pick ones that match your personality.  I tend to go for simple styles.

Stansel has a simple assortment of Thank you cards featuring six different  designs.  Each comes with  it's own envelope and a set of stickers to seal them.

These thank you cards are made from craft paper and are durable and appropriate for any occasion.  This set is available on Amazon for under $20. 

These cards come boxed and ready to send!

About Stansel Thank You Cards:

  • THANK YOU CARDS WITH ENVELOPES - Each set comes with 120 kraft paper thank you cards, 120 kraft paper envelopes, and 120 “Thank You” stickers.
  • 6 CLASSIC DESIGNS - With 6 different card designs, you can choose the one that best fits the mood and recipient. These custom designs are simple, professional, and elegant. There are 20 cards for each design included.
  • IDEAL FOR EVERY OCCASION - Express gratitude following any event with these classy Thank You Cards. These are perfect for weddings, baby shower, or graduation. Also can be used for general business stationary.
  • STICKERS INCLUDED - Included in each set are 120 white stickers. The envelopes have saliva glue to secure the envelope, but the stickers provide extra protection with an elegant touch.
  • UNMATCHED QUALITY - Everything about this set is premium! From the durable box to the high quality kraft paper used for the cards, this set is unmatched by competitors in terms of quality.



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  1. I love sending thank you cards, as well as all celebration and 'just because' cards, because I'm old school. When I get a greeting card in my 'snail mail' it really makes me happy and I know the sender actually thought of me. That is the reason I send thank you cards, etc. I want the receiver to know I truly thought about them.

  2. I always send thank you's for birthday and holiday gifts. I enjoy taking the time to write and send some snail mail especially if someone took the time to send me a gift it's the least I can do.

  3. We send thank you cards to the grandparents and coaches,

  4. I like sending them when someone does something nice for us. This is a nice set!

  5. I agree that sending thank you cards is a lost art. Very sad. I like to send thank you cards to anyone that goes out of their way to make our life easier.

  6. I like sending thank you cards to teachers , family members & friends.

  7. I like sending them to everyone. It's an easy way to make someone's day.


  9. I send thank you cards when someone who has a sent me something or did something for me.

  10. I love sending them to people for their random acts of kindness! I love thanking a coworker for some extra help or a friend for spending lunch with me and making me laugh.

  11. I enjoy sending them to everyone. I grew up believing that when someone does something nice to you or is just being nice. You should send them thank you card.

  12. My daughter sends them out - especially to family for Christmas/Birthday gifts!


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