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Tons of Fun for Your Dog for Under Five Dollars - Nerf Dog Air Strike Launcher Packs

I received the Nerf Dog Air Strike Launcher Dog Toy from Chewy this month, for my puppy nephew! It is tons of fun, 25-inches in length and only $4.99!  It will make the perfect Easter gift for him and for your furry friends too! My puppy nephew is an English Bulldog and I was with my sister the very first day she got him.  He walked over to her and put his little head in her lap and stayed there.  She didn't choose him, he chose her. 

He loves to play and especially loves to play with ball toys.  I thought that this wouldl be the perfect gift for me to give him.  Since he has a huge field next to my sister's home to play, there is lots of running room for him to get some exercise while chasing the ball!  He even has a doggie park!


If you’re tired of picking up your dog’s tennis ball with your bare hands, then Nerf Dog’s Air Strike Launcher is the perfect solution! This easy-to-use dog toy allows you to easily cup and throw your pup’s tennis ball without getting all his slobber on you. Its lightweight and flexible design make it easy and comfortable for pet parents to use and it’s especially great for those who suffer from shoulder, back or knee issues. Every Air Strike Launcher comes with a squeaky Nerf Dog tennis ball, so you and your best bud can get to playing right away!
Key Benefits

  • Helps keep your hands clean during a game of fetch with your sidekick.
  • Designed to allow pet parents to easily cup and throw the ball without bending down.
  • The lightweight, flexible and curved design is easy to use and comfortable for most pet parents.
  • A great option for pet parents with shoulder, back and knee injuries.
  • Every purchase comes with a squeaky tennis ball, so can use your Air Strike Launcher right away!
You can purchase the Nerf Dog Air Strike Launcher by visiting

Disclosure:  I received this product to review for my honest personal opinion from


  1. That's a great gift for my sister and her ball-chasing dog. Great price.


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