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8 Adorable Printable Origami Bookmarks

Crafts are so much fun, and printables are easy crafts to make with little ones!

I received an email asking me to share these adorable Origami bookmarks with my readers, and I couldn't help but say yes!  They are so cute, easy to make, and so useful!  Best of all, they're free to print!

Look at these cute Easter designs!  How cute are they to make with your little ones right before Easter.  Maybe the Easter bunny will bring them a book to use it with!

There are many other designs available as well, including these sweet kitty and puppy designs!

You can see all the origami bookmarks with step by step instructions by visiting: 

I hope you have fun making these with your little ones.  Be sure to post a picture on my facebook page showing me your finished bookmarks!


  1. I love this Origami idea. I have been doing Origami since I was really young. My grandmother is Japanese and I learned how to make Japanese cranes.

  2. These are really cute!! They would be perfect for my books, thanks for sharing

  3. I saw these and thought this would be a great project and help promote reading for my Granddaughter. Who wouldn't want to read and move these adorable markers to keep your place. Thanks so much!!!


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