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Best Gifts for the Athlete in Your Life

Who is your favorite athlete? Perhaps your favorite athlete lives with you. Whether this athlete is your husband or wife, son or daughter, here are some of the best gift ideas for a person who loves to compete.

Sports equipment

Although purchasing sports equipment may be an obvious gift choice for the athlete in your life, it is always a good idea. Goalies love playing with a new pair of gloves. Swimmers can always use another pair of goggles or practice suits. The softball player in your life may enjoy a bat upgrade. Make sure you loved ones are able to compete at their best level by making sure their equipment is in tip-top shape.

A massage

Is there any better way to pamper your favorite athlete than buying him or her a gift certificate for a massage? Let a masseuse work out the athlete’s kinks after a particularly tough practice. This is a gift that won’t get returned.

Compression socks

Compression socks aren’t just for old people and people recovering from surgery anymore. Competitive runners started the trend of wearing compression socks, and now athletes of every type are using them.

Compression socks squeeze and support your veins during your workout and help your blood make the journey back to your heart. This improves your oxygen flow, which also results in faster recovery time. Although there have not been a lot of studies involving the use of compression socks for athletes, some athletes report enjoying positive results.

Sports bag

Yes, your athlete has a bag for his or her equipment, but have you smelled it lately? Chances are, that bag has seen better days. Purchase a personalized bag for your athlete so they can destroy the old, smelly one. Not only will your athlete appreciate the gift, but the rest of the family will too.

Sports memorabilia

Your favorite amateur athlete probably has a professional player that he or she admires. Buy a replica of that player’s jersey. Look online or at local sports memorabilia shops for signed balls or jerseys. This gift will be a slam-dunk.


Maybe the professional athlete has written a book. Buy an autographed copy for your amateur competitor. You may also consider purchasing the ultimate guide for the specific sport. Perhaps your amateur athlete can turn professional with a few tips from the pros.  

Sports tickets

Treat your amateur athlete with a trip to the ballpark or soccer stadium. Purchase a ticket for yourself as well, and make a fun night of it! Don’t forget the Cracker Jack!

Sport Beans

Sports Beans are like jelly beans for athletes. They are full of carbs to give your athlete a boost during competition. They also contain electrolytes to help maintain the fluid balance in your body. There are many different styles and brands of performance-enhancing food. Check out your health food store or the checkout area of your favorite sports store to find a variety of products for the athlete in your life.