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Brighten Up Any Gamer's Room with Paladone's 8-Bit Game Over Color Changing USB Light

Gamers have their own style and many that I know, love unique items that relate to gaming, to decorate their gaming areas with.  This new light from Paladone is so unique and so perfect for any gamer's lair!

This is the 8-bit Game Over Color Changing USB Light from Paladone.  This light is so awesome. It has a pixelated look to it, which gives it a retro feel.  It has 3 modes.  I will tell you all about them.

Color Phase
The color phase mode is where the light changes so many different shades of the rainbow.  It slowly transitions through all of the colors in a subtle way.

Color Select
The second mode is color select.  In this mode you can pause the color phase on any color that you like.  As the light changes hues, simply click the A button to pause it on your favorite shade.  It will then remain on that color alone.

Sound to Light
The final mode is sound to light.  In this mode, the lights change and react to loud noises in the room.  It responds especially well to clapping, banging and those types of noises.

Check out my video demonstration of the 8-Bit Game Over light from Paladone.

The 8-Bit Game Over light measures approximately 12 inches across and around 8 inches in height.  It runs via USB cable, which comes with the light.  You can find this light in various places online and certain gaming and toy shops that carry Paladone products.  

For more information about Paladone's 8-Bit Game Over Light, visit the Paladone website at


  1. iam looking for extra lights for outside. thank you for the information

  2. I hadn't seen this one. It does look like fun, though.

  3. This is really cool! My fiance' is a gamer.

  4. My son would love this. It looks really neat.

  5. that isneat idea and then i would love to have in the house so the ghost dont mess with the dogs and me

  6. Either of my young adult sons who are major gamers would LOVE this! I was surprised how affordable it is priced too. I was also excited to see a bunch of other gift ideas that they would love on Paladone's website! I'm really glad you shared this! That is just one of the things I love about blogs like yours, is that I discover fun and cool products that I probably never would have heard or seen otherwise!

    1. Thank you Yvonne. I personally like discovering and sharing new items myself.


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