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Buck Denver Teaches Children Lessons in Friendship and Thankfulness

These Buck Denver books teach children virtues and are a fun way to help them learn the stories of the bible.  They make perfect additions to your Easter table.  I enjoy Buck Denver's character and his over the top way of trying to get a point across.  It is a good thing he has friends to show him an easier way as they travel back in time to learn bible lessons. 

The characters in these books are easy to relate to and the book is written in large, simple to read print.  These books make great stories to read to your children and are perfect Sunday reads as well.

From creator of Veggie Tales® Phil Vischer, these fun and easy-to-read picture books based on the popular video series Buck Denver Asks... What's in the Bible? teach children about character and virtue through beloved Bible stories.

Buck Denver’s Giant Robot Suit: A Lesson in Friendship and Buck Denver’s Bad, Bad Day: A Lesson in Thankfulness. Written by Phil Vischer, the creator of the super-popular VeggieTales series, these fun and easy-to-read picture books help kids ages 4–8 learn about Christian values: friendship and thankfulness. If you are familiar with JellyTelly TV, you’ll recognize the main character from the bestselling DVD series Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible? which has sold more than 1 million units across the country!

Buck Denver's Giant Robot Suit

What does it mean to be a good friend?

Buck Denver wants to be friends with God, so he makes a giant robot suit to be closer to Him. To help Buck understand the true meaning of friendship, his friends share their favorite Bible stories. First, Sunday School Lady tells him all about David and Jonathan and their loyalty to one another in tough times. Then Pastor Paul talks about how Jesus offers friendship to each of us. In the end, Buck learns that God uses friends to help us grow stronger and our friendship with Jesus helps us grow closer to God!

Buck Denver's Bad, Bad Day

Buck Denver has had a bad, bad day, so his friends take him on a quest to learn about thankfulness. Soon, he's on a ride with Sunday School Lady, Marcy, and Brother Louie to learn about Jehoshaphat and Lazarus. In the end, Buck learns that on good days AND bad days, God is good and worthy of our thanks-every day, no matter what!

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Disclosure:  I received these books to review for my honest personal opinion.


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