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Create Fun Fashions and More with Crayola® and Barbie®

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Crayola and Mattel.  I received product to review for this post.

This season, Barbie® and Crayola® have teamed up with three fun products that allow you to be the designer! I got so excited when I received my surprise package in the mail !   I had no idea what to expect!  I want to share my unboxing with you!

Watch as I unbox my special surprises from Crayola® and Barbie®!

Learn all about the fun, creative products that I just unboxed! 

 Crayola Inspiration Art Kits 

Did you know that you can create your own art kits at Crayola®?  you can choose your favorite color packs, favorite crayon colors.  Next choose a theme.  Do you like sports, animals, princess?  There are so many different themes to choose!  Finally, personalize your case with texts and fonts in your choice of available colors.

Want to learn more about creating your own kit? You can create your own art kit by visiting Crayola®

Barbie Crayola Rainbow Fruit Surprise

Barbie® and Crayola® have teamed up to bring another fun fashion doll that you can personalize! Become the fashion designer for your Barbie!  This is Rainbow Fruit Surprise Barbie and her dress changes colors to reveal a fun fruit filled pattern, when you apply water!  You can decide where you want the colors to show by painting the area with the enclosed paint brush.  If you want the entire dress to show the pattern, simply brush water on it all.

Check out my video demonstrating Barbie Rainbow Fruit Surprise™ !

Available at TargetWalmartAmazon  and other fine stores.

Barbie Crayola Color Magic Station

Barbie® and Crayola® have teamed up to create the ultimate dress designing station!  Use the Barbie Crayola Color Magic Station to create fun patterns on the enclosed dresses!  When you want to change Barbie's fashion, just wash her dress, let it dry, and design again!  Let your creative juices flow!

Check out my demonstration !

Look at the beautiful dress pattern I created!  It was so easy to do!  There are endless creations you can make with the Barbie Crayola Color Magic Station.  The dresses are washable, so you can create new patterns any time you want!

To purchase Barbie Crayola Color Magic Station, visit Amazon, Walmart, Crayola and wherever Barbie® or Crayola® sets are sold.

Disclosure:  This post contains Amazon affiliate links.


  1. These are such fun products! My granddaughters are huge Barbie fans and would love these. They would especially enjoy the Barbie Crayola Color Magic Station!

  2. My granddaughter would love to have this. She loves anything to do with art.


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