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Let Mom Know She's Always in Your Heart

There is something special about lockets that set them apart from other necklaces.   They often have such a special sentimental meaning behind them. 

When I was a little girl I always use to love looking at my mother's jewelry.  She always kept the pieces that she loved in a special place.  One of those pieces was a gold locket with a photo of my baby brother in it.  It was engraved with pretty designs.  I loved it so much.  I use to sit and stare at it and admire at how beautiful it was.  When my mother passed away, years ago, she left that locket to me.  It no longer had the photo inside, but it was just as beautiful still.

Mother's day is coming, and I was thinking of the special locket I gave to my favorite aunt, for her birthday.  She loved it so much.  If my mom were alive there is no doubt I would give her a locket with a photo of me and my siblings inside.

Pictures on Gold has beautiful lockets in gold and silver that can be totally customized and best of all, the photos that you place in them are engraved into the locket, so they can never be lost.  Plus they can be shipped in as little as one day!  They make great gifts for mom.

Let me tell you about how you can customize the lockets from Pictures on Gold.  Firstly, there are various locket patterns to choose from.  I chose to customize the Sterling Silver "Forever In My Heart" Photo Locket.  It was perfect for the idea that I wanted to design for my aunt and will be for any mom too!

I was able to add engraving inside the locket and on the reverse side as well.  I decided to add her name to the reverse side so that she could wear the locket either way.  On the inside I added a special photo of her and my late uncle that I know she would love.

After designing the locket to the way that I felt would be perfect, I was then was able to pick from various chain types and lengths.

The process of designing the locket was so simple and I loved the way it came out.  She did too. I knew she was going to love it. This definitely would be the perfect Mother's day gift for a special mom figure..

Check out my video review of the finished locket:

Disclosure:  I received product to review for my honest personal opinion. Your opinion may differ.


  1. I actually got a necklace from Pictures On Gold, and it is amazing! It has a gorgeous digitized photo of my daughters in it. The quality is amazing, and makes an amazing gift!

  2. This will be a great present for my granddaughters to give their Mom for Mothers Day.

  3. They have so many pretty items. I absolutely love the necklace you got!

  4. This is so pretty! I would love to get one made with my moms picture in it.

  5. This looks really pretty. Any Mom, or Grandma, would love it.


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