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Nixplay Seed 13.3 inch Widescreen (Wi-Fi) Smart Photo Frame

Give mom the gift of memories with the Nixplay Seed 13.3 inch Widescreen (Wi-Fi) Smart Photo Frame.

The Nixplay Seed 13.3 inch Widescreen frame is a smart photo frame that displays photos from your mobile device.  You can create playlists to display photos from your app to the frame.  The app is free to download and use. 

Impress mom this Mother's Day, with a unique display of photos that will make her smile.  This photo frame makes a perfect gift and will be cherished for years to come.

A few years back I gave a Nixplay Smart Photo Frame to my inlaws for a Christmas gift.  Back then, the frame required the photo card from a camera.  It was their most favorite gift that I ever gave them.  They use to have it proudly displayed and every holiday we would visit, they would have their photos displaying and brag about them to everyone.  

My father in law never ceased to tell me how much he loved his Nixplay frame.  He thought it was the greatest invention since the wheel.  He loved taking photos, and having the ability to display them all at once made him so happy.  My mother in law loved it too because most of the pictures were of my son, her only grandchild, and he was the apple of her eye.

Nowadays, it is even simpler to organize and display photos on the Nixplay photo frame.  With the new app, you can create photo playlists and display only the photos you want to see at any time.

Check out all of the features that are available on this frame:

● An improved home screen and in-app navigation
● Faster, optimized performance
● Better in-app frame controls
● An easier way to select and play playlists, straight from app to frame
● An improved activity feed showing your friends’ updates
● An easier way to pair a new frame using the app
● 15-second video playback for both iOS and Android users

About the app:

*Look for upcoming Mother's Day sales on the Nixplay Seed 13.3 inch Widescreen (Wi-Fi) Smart Photo Frame on their website shop  and on Amazon!

Disclosure:  I received a frame to review for my honest personal opinion.  This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. This is really a nice frame. I would love to have one of these in our livingroom!

  2. This is such a neat gift idea! I would love to receive this for Mother's Day. It would be great to be able to display my photos without taking up as much space as having several traditional picture frames.

    1. Absolutely. They are nice to use at birthdays, Anniversary parties and weddings too.

  3. This would make a great mother's day gift for my mother-in-law. She can't get enough photos of her grandchildren. This is something so fun and unique from a traditional photo frame.


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