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Why Nutrients Play a Huge Role in Children's Health

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We all know that proper nutrition is important for our babies and children's health, but understanding the nutrients that we give our children are important too. Each consumable item that we give to ourselves and our children has a nutritional value and benefit.  Some of these items have a more important role and should be adjusted as our children grow.  They are also essential for good health in all of our life cycles.

Your body can not make its own vitamins and minerals, so the foods and beverages that we choose to consume have to provide them for us.  Of course there are also supplements that aid in supplying those vitamins and minerals as well. This is important for supporting normal metabolism, growth your well-being.

Did you know that the vitamins and minerals that your children consume in the first 1000 days of their lives were the most critical?

Nutrition during pregnancy and the early years of your child's life can effect the health of your child later on in their life.  Even after that, nutrition helps to support rapid growth and development in children.

Brightest is a resourceful website that explains the proper nutrition of our baby and children. They have created charts that break down each key nutrient  from Omegas to Zinc.  You can also learn about nutrition from Preconception to Kids 4-12 Years of age.

I had the pleasure of speaking to one of the representatives of Brightest during my recent visit to the Babypalooza event in New York City.   I was impressed with all of the information that I was given about vitamins and nutrients and how they effect our health.

While I am a true believer that we should get our vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat, some of us, like myself, may have medical conditions that prevent our bodies from absorbing those proper nutrients.  That is when supplements are crucial.

Nowadays, the supplements that you take can be tailored to your nutritional needs. Companies like Persona Nutrition  can make personalized vitamin packs that are just for you and your needs or wants. Basically, you take a 5 minute assessment of your health, lifestyle and prescription medications.  The next step, you get your recommended, doctor approved vitamin recommendations.  Finally, the convenient packets are delivered to your door at 30% less than premium brands. 

For more information about Persona Nutrition, please visit their webstie at

Always speak to your pediatrician and doctor about vitamins and minerals that are best for you and your child.


  1. These are great facts and good info. People need to be aware of what goes into their kids bodies

  2. your childs health is the most important thing

  3. I will tell my son to check this out for his daughters. One of my granddaughters doesn't want to eat any vegetables so I think she could use a daily vitamin.


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