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WIZT Lets You Be Your Own Professional Home or Office Organizer

WIZT puts home organization in the palm of your hand with their best home inventory app.  Every once in a while a smart idea comes to fruition.  WIZT is that idea.  WIZT is short for "Where is It?". This smart app uses AR to record the location of objects in your home, office or business.  The app works by creating smartphone maps with lists that can be easily searched.

You can create custom floor plans and add inventory items to them with the snap of a photo.  You can even include details and store them privately, or share them when you need to.

Find Anything Anywhere

It is easy to keep track of things with WIZT.  Store items simply by snapping a photo and find it easily but asking  questions such as "Where is that -----?"  You can inventory boxed items so that you can easily find them using the WIZT app.  Simply store info on boxed items in the app and give the Box and ID and know what is stored where!  No more searching hours for things.  The same can be done for items in your home!

Privacy Control

Your items are secured by password and stored in 2FA Cloud Storage

Team Up with Friends, Family and Coworkers

The WIZT app communicates with whoever you want.  Get help from family and coworkers locating things you need when you are not there. Get your family to help you pack for vacation or find items at home.  WIZT will make it easy for them to find it.

WIZT in the Home

Home users can find a lot of great uses for the WIZT app.  It can help maximize storage and organization.  It is great if you are moving or have a storage unit.  

WIZT at Work

Business owners have a valuable tool in the WIZT app.  It allows you to create warehouse inventories quickly and map them with floating AR tags. You can even find items using text.

This app will be available in both iOS and Android.  If you use Android you can even add NFC stickers that can scan your unopened boxes of contents.  See pricing for details.

Don't expect this app to find things that aren't cataloged.  However, it will recall the last position of any object that you have added.  Just remember to change the location if you move it.

For information on the app, pricing and monthly plans, you can visit


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