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Convert Any Surface Into a 12 Foot Cinema with Cinemood

Last month when I was at the TTPM Spring Showcase, one product really caught my attention.  It was a company called Cinemood. This product is a small box that fits into the palm of your hand, that can convert any surface into a 12 foot cinema!

One of the other features of Cinemood that appealed to me was that it connects to Wifi, so it can stream from Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube.  You can even upload videos from Netflix to it, so you can watch without Wifi. This is great for taking on camping trips or RVing!

Learn More:

Create your own movie theatre anytime, anywhere! CINEMOOD is the world’s first absolutely noiseless, 3” ultralight standalone projector, that converts any surface into a 12-foot magic cinema.

CINEMOOD goes where you go. It can be projected onto any flat surface inside or outside the home, so anytime can be a special time with your loved ones! This truly portable device doesn’t need to be connected to a computer, phone or wall outlet. With up to 5 hours of rechargeable battery life

CINEMOOD is perfect for car rides, airplane travel, camping and backyard get-togethers. You can connect to WiFi and stream from Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube. You can also download Netflix or Amazon Prime videos directly on CINEMOOD to enjoy anywhere, without WiFI or Internet connection.

No more fighting over the small screen with CINEMOOD - bring your family back together with a true cinema experience!

Want a great idea for dad for Father's Day? Cinemood makes the perfect Man Cave addition. It is great for summer nights too!

Check out this video demo!

Product Features + Benefits:
Standalone projector

Crystal clear sound

Up to 150” screen

Up to 5 hours of rechargeable battery life

Noise-free cooling system

Ultralight and compact

Project onto any flat surface - inside or outside!

Comes preloaded with kid-friendly content, including 65 hours of stories and videos
from Disney and 120+ hours of additional cartoons, ebooks, shadow puppets, lullabies and
bedtime stories!

No connection to a computer, phone or wall outlet needed

Connect to Wifi to stream from your personal Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube account

Upload Netflix and personal videos to the device to watch without Wifi

16 GB of internal storage

Bluetooth and Wifi enabled

Connects to a flash drive for even more storage (micro-usb adapter comes with the product)

Soft lumes = no blue light to help to protect your family’s eyes and circadian rhythms

Smart covers available (purchase separately or together) to protect your device and extend
your device’s library

Age Range: All Ages
MSRP: $399.99 (device)
Available on: Amazon,

For a limited time, use code chattypatty to receive a free cover with your purchase of a Cinemood device at

Other Retailers (2019): Target, ToysRUs, BestBuy and TouchofModern

One other aspect of the Cinemood device that I thought was adorable are the Smart Covers. They provide added protection to the Cinemood device and look like different creatures with ears and are designed so that little ones can carry them around.

Check out these adorable designs:

Available Accessories: Smart Covers: KikOriki, HooplaKidz, Om Nom or Kit^n^Kate
Accessory Pricing: $49 each

Accessory Description:
Protect your device and add additional content to your CINEMOOD with Smart Covers! The KikOriki Smart Cover adds 42 episodes of KikOriki. The HooplaKidz Smart Coveradds 25 educational videos. The Om Nom Smart Cover adds 18 episodes of Om Nom stories.

The  Kit^n^Kate Smart Cover adds 28 episodes of Kit^n^Kate! You can purchase each separately or as a pack


  1. I really like this a lot. It would make a really nice gift.

  2. Wow. That is a pretty cool gadget. It would be great to use for parties.

  3. How unique, the kids would love having movies in the car and other places.


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