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If You Are in the Market for a New Vaccuum, Read This First

Each year, J.D. Power conducts a U.S. Vacuum Satisfaction Study for both canister and stick vaccuums.  If you are currently looking to purchase a new vaccuum, you may be interested in the results.   I was surprised at how close the numbers were.

The 2019 Vacuum Satisfaction Study is based on responses from 4,092 customers who purchased a canister, stick, or upright vacuum in the past 12 months. The study was fielded in January and February 2019.

Electrolux ranks highest in the canister segment with a score of 847, followed by Miele (846) and Dyson (835). In the stick segment, Dyson ranks highest with a score of 856, followed by Shark with a score of 845. Dyson also ranks highest in the upright segment with a score of 857, followed by Shark with a score of 848 and BISSELL with a score of 843.

Full rankings can be found at the J.D. Power 2019 Vacuum Satisfaction Study


  1. I hate my current vacuum, so this is great information. Thanks for posting!

  2. This is really good info. We currently own a Shark upright corded vacuum and it's good to see that it is ranked well. We really like it, and customer service has been great whenever we had an issue or needed help.

  3. I've used an Electrolux for years, no problems with it. True that it has a load of suction power. Vouch


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