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Now Available! Tiny Arcade Series 3 and New World's Smallest Additions

For those of you who love the miniature versions of your favorite toys, like I do, I want to tell you about some of the newest toys available from Super Impulse.

Tiny Arcade Series 3

These tiny arcade games look, sound and work just like their originals, only they fit in the palm of your hand.  Two of the newest additions to Tiny Arcade Series 3 include Tetris, which is my absolute favorite video game of all time, and Qbert, which I never played, but know was very popular.  Here is a bit of information about these two new additions:


This fast paced puzzle game never gets old! As the Tetrimino shapes fall from the top of the Matrix, you must arrange them to make horizontal rows of blocks in order to clear lines. As you increase your skill, so does the pace of the falling Tetriminos. If your stack reaches the top of the Matrix, it’s game over!


Get ready to run and jump as you try to change the color of the cubes by hopping onto them. When all the cubes in the pyramid have been changed to the destination color you will advance to the next round.

World's Smallest

Super Impulse also makes the World's Smallest line of toys, which are so adorable AND they are functional!  Here is a bit of information of the two newest additions, including Super Soaker and Toss Across.

World's Smallest Super Soaker

Yes, it actually works! Based on the best-selling, best performing water squirters of all time! Less than 4 inches in size, each one squirts a dozen shots up to a distance of 25 feet! Featuring two styles – the iconic Super Soaker 50 and the new, popular Super Soaker Barrage.
Ages 6+

World's Smallest Toss Across

It’s game night! Pick up the classic game, Toss Across! This fully functional, miniature version of the full-size game is based on the classic game, Tic-Tac-Toe. Toss the beanbags to flip the game squares to either “X” or “O”. Play for the win or block your opponent – 3 in a row, wins!

Ages 6+

Check out my video review:

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Disclosure:  I received products to review from Super Impulse.  This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. These are so cute. I really love the little arcade games.

  2. Well, these are too cute. They'd be great in Christmas stockings (yep, I start thinking about that really early, lol.)


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