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This Perfect Outdoor Wine Pairs Well with Mediterranean Cuisine

I love drinking my wine with ice and when I saw this Rose' Piscine, I was immediately intrigued. This French wine's flavor, acidity profile and aromatic are perfectly balanced to be served on the rocks.

This is a non sparkling wine, made in South West France with Negrette grapes.  This pairs perfect with salads, Mediterranean cuisine, and is great for sipping responsibly outdoors by the pool, on the beach or out boating on a bright sunny day. 

I found this wine to be light and refreshing.  I eat a lot of Mediterranean foods and this is a perfect go with.  The flavors of this wine compliment the  cuisine nicely.  It also is nice to enjoy with a light seafood dish.

Pale Salmon

Tasting Notes:
white flowers 

Fresh with a rounded and supple mouth
Exotic fruits finish

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Stay Connected:

May 25, 2019 is National Wine Day, and June 8, 2019 is National Rosé Day.
“There’s a camaraderie that wine lovers have, because all they all share in their appreciation for great wine,” explains Blake Helppie, managing partner at Rosé Piscine, a wine specifically made to drink over ice. “If you have never had a special event or activity to observe the day, you are missing out. Make this a year that you mark the day with some fun in it s honor.”

Millions of people around the country have what is referred to as oenophilia, which is the love of wine. The two upcoming days dedicated to celebrating wine provide a great reason to have a fun wine-related event or activity with friends and family. Here are some fun ways to celebrate National Wine Day:

  • Wine trivia night. Gather up lots of fun facts and interesting wine trivia and hold a wine trivia night. Divide everyone up on teams or play individually. Have everyone bring wine or foods and snacks that pair well with them, and have a fun time. Reserve a special bottle of wine for the trivia winner.
  • Host a wine bottle exchange. Invite people to bring a bottle of wine to a swap, where they can exchange it with others. This gives people a chance to try something new, and maybe offload something hanging out in their cooler that they would rather swap.
  • Have a sip and paint party. Gather at a restaurant or art center, or host it at your house and invite an art teacher to come lead the class. Sip some wine while you paint a masterpiece you can take home with you.
  • Schedule a neighborhood wine walk. Get to know some of your neighbors by getting people in on a neighborhood wine walk. If you get 5-10 houses to take part, have people walk house to house mingling and trying different wines at each one.
  • Create a local wine club. Use the wine holidays as a kick-off to creating a local wine club. Have members meet up once per month at someone’s house to share wine and conversation.
  • Host a lawn game night. With nicer weather upon us, it’s a great time to invite people over for a lawn game and wine night. Gather some favorite adult lawn games, such as corn hole, and have a sipping good time.
  • Have an outdoor wine movie night. Get an outdoor projector and show a wine-themed movie as people sip wine. Wine movies to consider include “A Walk in the Clouds,” “Somm,” and “Bottle Shock.”

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  1. What gorgeous bottles. They can be used as decor. Thanks for posting!

  2. I like wine with ice, too. This sounds really intriguing.

  3. This sounds like a nice wine. I love the bottles and they would make a great outside summer party hostess gift.


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