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Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle Safe for Your Baby

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.

Keeping children safe is always a priority.  This is especially the case when traveling in our vehicles.  If a child is not properly secured, they can be injured or even killed if an accident occurs.

I recently came across an important and useful quiz online from Baby Box Co.  I found a lot of important information in this quiz that I would like to share with you, so that you can keep your child or children you may care for, safe, during travel.

Check your vehicle
Be sure to check your owner's manual maintenance section for important information related to your vehicle's maintenance requirements.  Most importantly, be sure to check your oil and change your oil filter on a regular schedule, and check all of your vehicle's fluids. Failure to check and change your oil will result in your vehicle and it's parts not being properly lubricated, and can cause damage and promote unsafe driving conditions of your vehicle.  Other fluids that are important to check are brake, transmission and coolant.

Wipers, Batteries and Filters
More important parts to examine on your vehicle are your wiper blades, batteries and the air filter.  If your wipers are screeching or streaking on your windows occurs during their operation, they need to be replaced.  Check your battery often to make sure there is no corrosion.  As for the air filter, it  should be replaced at least once a year.  It should be checked at the same time your oil is checked.

Inspect Lights
Car lights should be inspected on a regular basis.  You can do this along with the help from a friend or family member. Simply have them stand outside your vehicle as your test each light on your vehicle.  If any light is not working properly, replace it.   Be sure to check the indicators (signal lights), hazards, front headlight and rare tail lights, high beam and fog lights.  You can check your brake lights by pressing the pedal.  To check reverse lights, simply place your foot on the pedal and place the car in reverse while having someone safely see if they are operating properly.

Tire pressure should be checked monthly.  Having too much or not enough air in your tires can cause blow outs or unsafe stopping of your vehicle, and can effect the vehicle's performance.  Poor tire pressure can also give your vehicle poor fuel efficiency.  Always check your tires when they are cold and not directly after driving.  Check your vehicle's door or manual for the proper tire psi. The tire treads should also be insected monthly.  You can do this by using a penny.

Simply insert the penny starting with Lincoln's head, into your tire where the tread seems to be low.  If any part of Lincoln's head is covered by tread, you tire is considered legal and safe amount of tread.  If not, your vehicle's ability to grip the road will be greatly reduced and can cause safety issues.   While checking treads on the tires, also check for uneven wear as this can  be a sign of other mechanical problems with your car.  If you have bald spots or uneven treads, this can also mean your tires are no aligned properly or your vehicle may have suspension problems.

Other important things to check are vehicle recalls.  You can see if your vehicle has had any recalls in the past 15 years by visiting NHTSA's free look up tool.

Selling Your Vehicle
Some vehicles are not safe for families. If you feel your vehicle isn't safe, or if it isn't running, you can always sell it and upgrade to a safer vehicle model for your family.

For more information on keeping baby safe in your vehicle, including car seat safety,  visit Baby Box Co.  Be sure to watch all of the short videos and take the quiz afterwards.  You may receive rewards for your participation, while supplies last.


  1. Car seat installation can be a tricky thing. Many dealerships offer free checks.


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