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Wear Your Luck with Lucky Fortune by WowWee

Lucky Fortune are fun, collectible fortune cookies that contain fortunes and bracelets that you can wear and collect!  There are 100 bracelets to collect!

It’s your Lucky Day! WowWee is introducing its first blind collectible accessory, Lucky Fortune [$3.99 USD/Ages 6+]

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Packaged in a plastic fortune cookie complete with a paper fortune, each bracelet has a surprise “lucky” charm that’s revealed as you crack it open. You can then “Wear Your Luck” when you accessorize or use the attached keychain to carry your luck wherever you go! The line features over 100 trendy charms with different categories and varying levels of rarity, including the extra-rare (ultra lucky) gold dipped charm for extra luck! Trade with friends, gift your bracelet, or collect them all - the more you have, the luckier you’ll feel!

My Lucky Fortune fit my personality perfectly!  I love watermelon and even have a little Watermelon lovers group with a few close friends.

You can learn more about WowWee's new blind bag Lucky Fortune by visiting their website at

Disclosure:  I received product to review.

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