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When To Call A Professional For Repairs On Your Home

When it comes to dealing with the numerous responsibilities that your home comes with can be extremely overwhelming. Many first time homeowners choose to try and take on various DIY projects themselves. Some of these large or small improvement projects may be relatively simple and require only the most basic of skills, while others may pose a danger and are extremely complex if you don’t take the proper precautions. These projects often require you to call a professional such as an electrician, plumber or technician to help resolve it in an effective manner.

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A big question now would be, when is it a good time to call a professional to help you with these projects and repairs on your home? If you live in the New Jersey area there is only one company to call, Nash Everett. Gary Szymanski and his team will help take care of those pesky (and sometimes dangerous) problems such as mold, dust, air quality, and most importantly an indoor health assessment and evaluation. Gary started this company with the sole purpose of consistently improving homes and lives. The name, Nash Everett, actually stands for the two most important people in Gary’s life, his two children. When he himself was faced with mold issues within his home he became frustrated looking for solutions that did not involve toxic contaminants or those that only masked the condition, instead of truly fixing it. With his prior knowledge of being a lead project manager with GreenWorks Environmental, he decided to take the leap and open his own business. He was determined to create a company that worked hand in hand with his own values of trust and honesty to make people feel better. Gary is extremely passionate about helping others improve their health within their home, give them an affordable outlet, and most importantly educate them on small improvements for yearly maintenance. Gary also specializes in assisting families and individuals with chemical and environmental sensitivities. On an even larger scale, Gary continues to educate the world by being a thoughtful and active contributor for sveral social networking groups throughout the nation.

Now that you know a bit of background about the company itself and what it stands for, here are some specific ways they can help you and your time of need for your home.
Image: Nash Everett
  1. Mold - It can be a little daunting choosing the right company to help with a mold infestation. To make the right decision, you’ll first want to start by checking references. You’ll want someone that has a great reputation and be able to provide you with accurate information from past customers who you can speak with directly. Also, make sure you feel comfortable talking to a company representative in-person. Communication is a key component and you’ll want to pay attention to how they walk you through their in-home process step by step. Lastly, trust your gut. Just because you may think you are getting a get deal on something, doesn’t mean it might not hurt you in the end. At Nash Everett, you can be sure that they always do their best to provide you with superior service at a reasonable cost.

  1. Duct Cleaning - Sure, on average you don’t need to clean your ducts out every 3-5 years, especially if you live in a new home. A highly recommended ‘scam job’ are those that do a ‘blow and go’ air duct clean. They may charge a normal fee but usually do a sub-par job of cleaning your heating and cooling system. This does not solve your problem and still poses a high risk of a fire happening with your home. At Nash Everett, you can feel confident in their experienced, certified, and fully trained staff to provide you the best indoor air quality service. They will also conduct air testing, air purification, ventilation and moisture investigations and corrections.

  1. Indoor Health Assessment - Constantly coughing or feeling as if it’s hard to breathe? Nash Everett is your one stop shop to educate you and your loved ones on a health home assessment. Each assessment includes an in-depth, forensic style investigation of both the exterior and interior of the property. They will then include a detailed report of the findings, and suggest some possible remedies. They are making it their mission to help those in need like yourself.

So the main question of when to call a professional to help you with the big repairs on your home has been answered. You need to call the people at Nash Everett if you have even the slightest concern of a loved ones illness, or wanting to breath in fresh quality air day in and day out. You can be sure you’re putting your money into a company, and owner that knows first hand the struggles of not properly taking care of these issues. With a knowledgeable customer service, certified staff, and a passionate CEO, Nash Everett is your best bet.

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