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Why Choose Selecta Flooring When It Comes To Your Floors

You finally are going to tackle one of the biggest projects within your home; the flooring. While it may seem overwhelming, don’t worry because you have someone there to help you with all your questions, concerns and needs. It may be tempting to choose someone from a chain installer when you are looking to either upgrade or put in your favorite hardwood floors. If you are actually local to the Union County area in New Jersey, the friendly staff at Selecta Flooring, are there to help any of your needs and desires. They are up to date with the latest building codes and they know the correct wood and finishes to make your home pop, especially within your unique climate. Like many people, the company is aware that you want an affordable price with a professional service so they treat you as if you are family. They service all of New Jersey and operate out of Union Country and as one of the premier installation, refinishing and sanding companies, they also provide individual service of a local shop with the expertise and knowledge of what you would expect of a chain distributor. They also offer a variety of high quality wood floors that they know you’ll fall in love with including the following.
Image: Selecta Flooring
  1. Hardwood- hardwood flooring is easier to care for than having carpet which needs constant vacuuming. At Selecta Flooring, they offer a variety of woods, finishes and textures to choose from so it’s no wonder it’s becoming one of the most popular flooring choice between new homeowners. Not only are they gorgeous but they are easy to care for, durable, eco friendly and more hygienic then having carpet or laminate flooring with your home. Hardwood is easy to sweep and mop as well so don’t be worried about the dog hair or messes! The specialists will take their time to ensure that you understand how to properly care for your new hardwood floors as well so you don’t feel overwhelmed. The most complain some homeowners have hard when choosing hardwood is how quickly it can become damaged, especially having pets or children. Another common concern is the effect on natural environment. There are actually a number of trends that make it possible for you to feel good about installing these floors such as using reclaimed flooring or recycled wood, you’re still able to have the hardwood floors that you dream of without worrying about hurting the forests.
Image: Selecta Flooring

  1. Laminant - If hardwood floors seem too much work, laminate flooring is the one for you! It may look like real wood both in sheen and texture but laminate is an environmental friendly alternative that is not only extremely durable floor to have but also cost effective than other choices available. Installing is similar to hardwood which means that the laminate comes in boards that are cut to the proper size and then peice together. One of the best features is its ability to replicate just about any type of flooring such as bamboo to wide plank to even marble or brick! No matter what type of style you want, you’ll be able to find the flooring to meet your vision. They are also extremely durable so it’s perfect if you have children and animals within your home but one of the most appealing benefits to having this type of flooring is the price. It costs less than half the price of hardwood and it is less expensive than carpet. Laminate is also easy to care for because the type layer has a protective top wear to help you with spills and stains making it easy to sweep, mop and vacuum.
Image: Selecta Flooring

  1. Sanding And Refinishing - If you already have these types of floors within your home and just looking for a quick maintenance to them, Selecta Flooring is also there to help you. They have a sanding process which helps to buff away any previous flooring damage that may have occurred on your hardwood floors. If you have children, animals or even just your regular day to day routines they are able to help you clean up that mess, discolor or scratches. Believe me, they know that when you have something like that your first idea is to cover it up with a rug but letting Selecta Flooring sand it away can make you love it once again. They will gently buff away the damage, returning the wood to it’s natural and smooth state you’ll want to show off to friends and family. They also offer two finishes, a clear glaze to retain the color and grain of the wood or you can choose a high quality stain in a range of color choose to help seal and protect your newly transformed floors.

When decided what floors will look best in your home, it’s important to call a professional to not only help you make such a critical decision, but also give you the best advice and price for your budget. If you’re choosing hardwood, laminate or just restoring your old floors, Selecta Flooring is there for you every step of the way.

About the partners:

Scott McDarby

After working at a local home improvement store for many years, Scott McDarby gained interest in making homes look beautiful. When the store unexpectedly closed, Scott took his knowledge from the home improvement store and began working in the hardwood flooring business as a Job Site Manager. It wasn’t long before the world took notice of his skills; appearing on television shows like the DIY Network’s Man Caves which included the renovation of Michael Strahan’s dressing room for Live! with Kelly and Michael.
Gaining hands-on experience in the flooring business and taking progressive steps in the home improvement industry, Scott decided it was time to use his knowledge to help others. He entered into a partnership with Mike, and together they created Selecta Flooring LLC.
When Scott is not working hard at Selecta, you can find him relaxing on his boat in the warmer seasons and exploring local restaurants. He also loves horror movies, music, and Godzilla.

Michael Shults

Throughout his life Mike Shults has consistently been around woodworking, descending from a superior line of craftsmen. This lifelong history provided him the platform needed to achieve great success in the hardwood flooring and wood craft business.
While earning his International Business Degree from Brigham Young University in Hawaii, Mike held a variety of unique jobs from tree propagator to horse wrangler.  During his time as a tree propagator, Mike was responsible for producing more than 100,000 rare and exotic trees for the state of Hawaii.
Once Mike returned from Hawaii, he started working as president for a local wood flooring company, skyrocketing sales and producing high quality work. During his tenure as president, Mike was eager for creative freedom, prompting him to enter into a partnership with Scott, and together they created Selecta Flooring LLC.
In his free time Mike enjoys sailing on his boat, snowboarding wild mountains (on both coasts), and making music.