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4 Ways To Make Your Garden Enchanting

Photo by Jimmy Chan from Pexels
If you’ve long been lusting after the feature garden seen only in magazines, then it’s time to start dismissing the idea as fantasy and instead making it a reality. Your garden allows you to readily enjoy nature close to home, as you sit outside to enjoy dinner, entertain, and use as your very own private and peaceful haven.
Gather up some ideas of how you’d like your outdoors to look and use these as a starting point. From here, begin to decide what needs to be removed from your garden, like tired and damaged decking, patio, and lacklustre grass.
Add A Water Feature
No oasis of calm is complete without the soft, soothing sound of rippling water, so consider adding a small pond, water fountain, and a bird bath which you means you can soak up the calming chatter of wildlife in the mornings. To succeed in creating a captivating garden, and one that others will be the envy of, think about building a rock feature surrounding the pond too. Search for pond supplies near me, and decide upon whether you’re going to have a floating fountain for example, or a large or small pond to add an extra touch of the serene to your garden.
Tidy Up
First things first, you will need to clear your garden of all the dull or damaged items. In order for it to be enchanting and inviting, it mustn’t feel like a dumping ground for old pieces of furniture wrapped in tarpaulins, bikes, and broken benches.
These such objects should be tidied away out of sight in an outside shed. Don’t forget that even the shed can add to the appearance of enchantment as you can grow ivy to trail up the side and over the roof of it, as well as having roses bushes grow beside. Roses will fail to flourish in overly exposed areas, so try to tuck them away from very direct sunlight and areas most afflicted by wind and rain.
Enjoy The Shade
Grotto style gardens feel magical, especially when they are full to the brim with plants, trees, and flowers. For your garden to feel enchanting and bordering on magical, then you’ll need to entertain the idea of creating plenty of shady areas by growing weeping willow trees (providing that you have space). Complement this with the unique-looking corkscrew hazel, ornamental cherry trees, apple, and pear trees to provide you with fresh organic fruits in the summer, and having a small pergola nestled in amongst the foliage. Use box trees and hedges to cordon off different areas of your garden, and remember that it shouldn’t look too uniformed.
Hidden Elements
The element of surprise can be hugely exciting in an outdoor landscape, and this is precisely why mazes and large hidden ornamental busts peering from hedges have long been popular in large grand garden designs. Hidden features add a feeling of mystique, so think about bringing unexpected detail into your design, such as items that might seem at first a little incongruous. These include using old wooden carts as raised flower beds, or using your DIY skills to transform metal baths, rusty watering cans, even old wooden chairs too into something amazing. To let your imagination run riot, then visit your nearest junk garden to see what you can discover.


  1. I planted a butterfly garden for my daughters about a month ago. They absolutely love watering it and checking on all the caterpillers, which grow very quickly. I need to add some hidden elements like you mentioned like cute little statues. I have a stepping stone art kit that I need to make with them on a rainy day.


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