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7 Different Ways You Can Put Yourself First

Many people feel bashful at the notion of truly putting themselves first. The fear of appearing selfish often prevents some people from taking steps to preserve their own peace of mind and health. If you’ve been told by friends and family that you don’t put yourself first enough, you may wish to take measures in prioritizing your own needs.

Be able to say no

While many say that ‘sorry’ is the hardest word, ‘no’ can be just as tricky. The instinct to want to please people and meet their high expectations can leave us exhausting ourselves on a daily basis, meaning our needs are left behind. Reminding yourself to say ‘no’ to co-workers, friends, and family when you just can’t rouse yourself to achieve something is one of the most powerful ways to put yourself first.

Cook for yourself

There’s no need to wait for a date night or a dinner party to cook something exquisite. Why reserve all of your best and finest cooking recipes for other people? If your gluten-free treacle tart really is something to behold, then why not make it for yourself? Enjoying experimenting with new ingredients in the kitchen and cooking home-comforts is one of the best ways to give yourself a virtual reassuring hug.

Find a hobby you love

Do you like to exercise? Is heading to the gym fun to you? Perhaps you like to watch anime or enjoy vaping. Whatever it is you love to do, be sure to do it often and as a means to relax and unwind. Life is too short, so if you want to start vaping, head to Ultimate Juice for a starter kit, or if you wish to travel the globe, book a ticket to a destination that’s always interested you.

Devote a day to self-love

By simply creating a routine full of positive and caring practices, you can start to fill your days with self-love. However, it’s good to get used to treating yourself by filling particular day with self-love practices. Whether self-love means taking a bath, doing a face-mask for spending hours reading, self-love is vital in putting yourself first.

Spend time with family

If you’ve ever felt that the experience you could use the most is spending more time with family, then now is a good time to prioritise it. Book time off, and spend some quality time with those who you consider to be your family – good company is never wasted.

Start feeling worthy

One reason why many people stop putting themselves first is that they don’t truly feel worth the devotion to themselves. If you’ve ever skipped a day of priorities because you’ve felt that you don’t work hard enough – time to turn that thought 180 degrees.

Have fun

When was the last time you had fun? When did you last truly belly-laugh or spend time with friends just for the sake of putting a smile on each other’s faces? Devoting time to having fun does not make you selfish – it’s something to be cherished.

What you regard as putting yourself first will truly come down to you. Whether you visit a trampoline park with friends, cook more or focus on your health needs, be sure to insist that you take time for it.