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Cozy Pouch Paper Dolls Are Convenient for Travel Play

Cozy Pouch makes modern paper dolls for children.  Their midget is to bring the gadget free, simple play time back from the past.

These dolls are designed to be child friendly for tiny hands and easy to use.  They are made from quality paper that does not tear easily.  The dolls are pre-cut and there aren't a lot of tiny pieces of clothing with tabs that don't stay in place.

My Paper Dolly Pouchpad: Welcome to Mimi's is an adorable paper doll house with different rooms that has slits to add your Mimi paper doll.  The rooms include living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, backyard with a pool, and dressing room.

This set encourages imaginative play and are perfect for travel as they are stored in a convenient house folder.

Visit my IGTV video to learn more at:

You can purchase paper dolls by Cozy Pouch by visiting their website at or on Amazon.

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  1. I remember having paper dolls to play with. We had to cut the doll’s outfits out. There were paper tabs we folded around the cardboard dolls. We made other cardboard things to go with the dolls and would make pretend rooms and furniture, etc. we colored as much as we wanted to. We really had fun! Making houses, trees, cars. It’s ashame that the kids nowadays don’t do pretend play like we did. There are too many electronics for them.

    1. I find this type of innocent play to be precious.

  2. Have not thought about paper dolls in years! I don't think I ever saw my nieces playing with them. But I think my great niece needs to find out about playing with paper dolls.


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