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Creating The Perfect Home: A Guide

When it comes to creating the perfect home, everyone has different opinions on what matters; some people will want quirky and unique elements, while others think minimalism and clean surfaces are ideal. Whatever your taste or style, we’ve come up with a short guide full of super-easy tips on getting the most from your home.

Make It Comfortable
Whether you’re a minimalist who hates accessories or a bit of a hoarder who likes to collect and display vintage china, there’s one thing that everyone wants from the perfect home - comfort. A property should be warm and cozy in the colder months, and light and airy in the summer. It’s a good idea to maintain your boiler and air conditioning system, and also check that windows and doors fit properly to avoid drafts and cases of severe damp. Add in some squashy sofas, super-soft cushions and blankets, and a good book, and you’ll have nailed the comfort element!

Consider The Exterior
The perfect home needs to look as good from the outside as it does inside, which means paying attention to gardens, windows, and doors. If you’re the green-fingered type, get stuck in with plants and flowers - but make sure you research soil type and find out which plants which are potentially poisonous to animals and people. Any tired or shabby windows can easily be replaced with Timber Windows. Several manufacturers are only too happy to create bespoke options for you, which means you can sketch out your own designs and have complete control over the finished product.

Invest In New Flooring
Aside from the walls, the floor is the largest area in the house. If it’s looking dated or tired, you’re going to notice immediately. If you like the feel of softness under your feet, opt for new carpets. There is a vast range of materials to choose from, but be sensible when you’re deciding on color; although cream carpets might sound wonderfully elegant, they won’t stay that way for long if you’re a pet owner or parent to a small child! If you’re looking for something more robust and easier to clean, opt for wooden flooring. Anyone who is into sustainability should choose recycled floorboards, or alternatively opt for engineered wood for long-lasting and stylish flooring.

Update Accessories
The perfect home should be adaptable and work across all seasons, so make sure you choose your accessories wisely; look for thicker and tougher textures in the winter, such as wool and tweed, and add plenty of blankets and cozy rugs to your bedrooms and living areas. In the warmer months, replace these with delicately floral scented candles, light cotton throws and gauzy window dressings to make the most of the summer breezes.

Freshen Up Paintwork
No matter how beautiful your accessories and flooring are, if your walls are looking stained and shabby, your home is never going to be perfect. Taking the time to freshen up your paintwork is an easy way to make a huge difference in all areas of your house. Opt for light, bright shades such as the palest grey or various tones of white to maximize the effect of space and create the perfect background for any artwork. Alternatively, choose rich, jewel colors to make a statement and bring warmth to excessively large rooms.