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Eco-Friendly Personal Mister from Misty Mate

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to cool off this Summer?  Misty Mate is a personal mister that is convenient and fits easily into your backpack, beach bag or gym bag.

It gets very hot and humid in the Mid Atlantic area during the summer and I tend to get overheated easily because of a condition that I have.  Having this Misty Mate to take with me in my purse or tote is a great way for me to cool off any time I want.  The mister is so easy to use and works great.  It is made from high quality materials and is very durable.  It doesn't required any batteries or electricity.  It is powered by pumping.

  • Patented, world-class personal mist-cooling device
  • Premium, high-grade materials and custom components
  • Propels continuous high-pressure, ultra-fine mist that cools ambient air temperature up to 30°F (16°C)
  • Specialized nozzle atomizes fluid H2O into micro particles that flash-evaporate on contact
  • Pressurizes quickly via retractable, integrated pump
  • Push-button activates mist-flow on command
  • Durable, futuristic design maintains pressure under various external conditions

  • Entirely human-powered – requires no batteries or electricity of any kind
  • Fluid capacity of 3. 0 oz. (88. 7 mL). Meets current TSA carry-on guidelines*
  • Lasts up to 1-4 hours with intermittent use on a single fill

About Misty Mate

With Summer heat approaching, hydration becomes a forefront of conversation making our Personal Misters a unique and must-have item!

Misty Mate has a line of Eco-Friendly Personal Misters that operate via the scientific process of atomization and flash evaporation. They don’t require any batteries or electricity- rather pressurize easily by hand.

Each droplet of water from their patented nozzle design is finer than a strand of hair. It is extremely hydrating to the skin and a significant cooling method in the hot summer climate cooling the ambient temperature up to 30 degrees F helping to prevent harmful effects of overheating.

Misty Mate has recently launched their newest model- the MISTPRO 3.  The very first of its kind- it’s completely Human-Powered, Eco-Friendly, and Optimized so that it’s sleek, lightweight and easy to carry - allowing it to become your trusted Travel and Adventuring Companion; Exploration & Workout Buddy- giving you the power to Take Control of Your Climate- keeping you comfortable and hydrated when you’re active outdoors; relaxing by the pool- or simply kept on-standby as your trusty side-kick to use at your desk throughout your work day - helping you refresh, align and keep your center so that you can bring the very best version of You regardless of external conditions

Check out this video about Misty Mate:

Disclosure: I received product to review. This post contains affiliate links.

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