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Ekster® Launches the First Voice - activated Smart Wallet

When I was invited to try a voice activated smart wallet, I was intrigued at the idea and couldn't wait to learn more about it.  Ekster is a smart wallet that has a thin, sleek design made from quality leather.  It is perfect for both men and women.

The bend-proof card holder is strong and sturdy, and with it's RFID protection gives me security against hackers.  Plus, it allows me to easily access my cards with the push of a button that sits discreetly on the bottom of the wallet.

Do you or a loved one seem to misplace their wallet all of the time?  The Ekster wallet has a tracker that works with Alexa and Google Assistant to help you track your wallet when you can't find it. Simply ask your assistant to ring your wallet. You can even pull up a tracker to locate it via an app.

This wallet gives me peace of mind and confidence, knowing that I can track and find my wallet if I ever misplace it.

This smart wallet makes a great gift for Father's Day or any special occasion.

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Why are Ekster® wallets the most efficient ones on the market? Our wallets have a built-in, bend-proof cardholder for credit cards and IDs, with RFID protection that keeps your information safe from sophisticated data hacking attempts. A quick push of the discreet button on the bottom of each wallet instantly releases the cards inside for easy, efficient access. This feature is designed to speed up your daily routine, eliminating the annoyance of fumbling through a bulky wallet. How many times have you stood in line with your hands full, just wishing for a more painless way to check out? This is your answer. We’ve crafted these features so discreetly that Ekster® wallets are still the thinnest on the market, a far cry from your grandad's old brick block. 


Nowadays, someone doesn’t have to steal your wallet to get at what’s inside of it… We're living in a time all our data is encrypted, everyday life now hinging on the invisible. As technological advances race ahead, the regulations and security available to protect all of our data still struggle to keep up. Most people aren’t even aware of all the complex ways in which their data can be stolen, and when it is stolen, it often goes undetected. One of the main culprits here is RFID skimming. Remember when you got your new debit card and it had a little chip in it? Maybe a small icon that looks like a Wi-Fi symbol on its side? That's RFID, and it's both your friend and your enemy.


Like a fine wine, leather only gets better with time. The natural quality of our top-grain leather ensures that each handmade wallet is unique, gaining distinctive marks as the leather ages. Over time, these premium leather wallets form perfectly to the shape of whatever pocket they are put in. Within two weeks, your product molds and shapes, preventing the flap from opening up and slimming down the overall profile. That's why the premium leather we work with is naturally stiff when unboxed, aging beautifully over time. When sourcing this leather, we prefer to use bulls instead of cows; cows become pregnant during their life span, causing stretch marks to appear on the skin and in turn leaving imperfections on the leather. Where our production is concerned, happy leather really is better leather; the quality of a cow's life directly impacts the value, smoothness and marks that appear on the finished leather product.


When was the last time you couldn't find your wallet? Even if it turned up a few minutes later, that one instant of panic was probably awful. We've all been there, and we all know how nerve-wracking it is. What makes it worse is the growing importance of our everyday carry items; if you lose your phone, you lose all your data. You lose your wallet, you lose your access to banks, public transportation, the gym (and you're exposed to fraud, to boot). And while you can always back up your phone on the cloud, you can't do that to your wallet. Being only human, there's not a lot you can do to avoid losing your stuff; but you can make it easier to find. That's where Ekster® comes in. We've got the slimmest Bluetooth tracker in the world, designed to mitigate that horrible moment in which you realize you lost your wallet (or pretty much any other everyday carry item you can think of). So you can bid panic farewell, and say hello to being prepared for anything. 


We’ve made it our mission to design a crowd GPS tracker that isn’t just small enough to fit into anything, but also smart enough to take your voice commands. This powerful little piece of tracking technology is now also connected to the Worldwide Chipolo Lost and Found network. This means that tracking is available in long ranges through a global lost-and-found community, or close ranges through a vibrant ring that helps you locate it easily through an app. If all else fails, this innovative new feature functions as an additional safety net. Each card has a unique QR code that links it to your smartphone like a fingerprint. If your wallet is lost and someone finds it, they can scan the QR code to send you a message with the location of your tracker. 


Our trackers are known for their innovative solar-powered functionality, but we’ve stepped up our game even more. Thanks to our patented integration upgrade, our new and improved slimmer solar panels now charge your tracker twice as fast. The panels don't even require direct sunlight. Our solar charging is so efficient that a simple three-hour charge lasts two months. In fact, this system works so well that it’s now being used by FedEx to track their own packages. We went back into the lab and created a battery that not only slims down the tracker but also lasts twice as long with use. Other trackers on the market require you to switch out the batteries each month; ours just uses the sun. 


Being able to command your wallet by voice makes tracking even easier than flipping through different apps buried on your phone. Our products are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can speak a command into your phone and have your tracker pulled up on a map the instant you realize your wallet's missing. It's difficult to think clearly if you're panicking, and this feature is designed to mitigate that moment of anxiety. You don’t even need a smart speaker to use this feature; just use voice command on either of the two apps. Find your wallet without having to move from your cozy spot on the couch, completely hands-free.


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Disclosure:  I received product to review for my honest personal opinion.  This post contains affiliate links.

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