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Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

Photo by from Pexels

You might be enjoying the sunshine and lazy days in the garden right now, but winter is just around the corner. Before you know it, you’ll be experiencing more rain, colder temperatures and the possibility of snow. Fall is not far away, and so this is the best time to start thinking about home maintenance and getting your home ready for winter. Your home is one of the biggest investments you’re ever likely to make; therefore, you should aim to protect it as much as possible. If you don’t look after your investment, it’s going to deteriorate very rapidly and lose value. If you want to protect your home, here are some things you should be doing.

  • Check Your Home’s Heating and Air Conditioning
To keep these systems functioning efficiently, they need to be correctly maintained. At the very least, you should change the filers every year. It’s also recommended having these systems inspected by a reputable HVAC contractor. It’s much better to find problems and fix them before you need to turn your heating on. 
  • Protect the Exterior of Your House from the Elements
Wood that’s used for trim around exterior doors and windows can deteriorate very quickly if not protected. To prevent these surfaces from rotting, keep them painted and caulked.
  • Seal Masonry and Hard Surfaces
If you’ve got a concrete driveway, walkways or a patio, make sure they’re protected by applying a concrete sealer. Make sure you look for cracks and fill them in before applying a sealer. An asphalt driveway will also need sealing in the same way.
  • Check Drainage Around Your Home
The soil around your home settles over time and can sometimes create areas where water can pool at your foundations. Check for low spots around your home and fill them in with soil. Also, check your gutter downspouts to ensure they are directing water away from your home.
  • Clean Your Gutters
When the leaves have stopped shedding their leaves, it’ll be time to get out your ladder and clean the gutters. If they’re allowed to become blocked, it will cause an overflow. The result of which is going to be water running down your home. Not only will it speed up the deterioration of your home’s exterior, but it can also damage your foundations. While you’ve got your ladder out, you’ll be able to give your roof a close inspection. If it needs to be repaired, call a reputable contractor such as Jackson Contracting Inc.
  • Test Your Smoke and Carbon Detectors
Most house fires happen in the winter, due to not using the heating, fireplaces and electric blankets properly. You are also more at risk from carbon monoxide during the winter because of these heating methods. Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working, and they have good batteries.
  • Drain Outside Water Faucets
Outside water faucets tend to be unprotected from the elements, which mean it’s possible for them to freeze and crack. You can reduce the risk of this happening by draining the system.