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How to pull off a large, luxurious event

Hosting events can be incredibly rewarding. Not only can it be a great opportunity to socialize, but it can also open doors for you in your industry by creating an exciting space to network. Luxurious events show an aptitude for design and a devotion to quality. Inviting professionals from your sector can showcase an ability to organize a well put-together occasion that exhibits and attention to detail.


Before you start spending money on staff or decoration, the most important task to complete first is a plan. You should see this as a sort of business plan for your event that is centered around the idea of why you are hosting the event in the first place. Your structure should determine the following:
  • How much money will you need?
  • How will you fund the event: will it come from a bigger business or your own pocket? Will you need business sponsorship?
  • Where will the money be allocated? How much finance will need to go towards design, set-up, and catering?
  • Where should you host it? How much will that cost?
  • When should you host it? When is the most sensible time in your calendar?


One of the easiest ways to pick out d├ęcor, catering, and design is to set a theme. This encourages guests to engage with their creative side, as well as establishing a code for the evening. However, before you set the theme for the event, it’s wise to have a quick think about how appropriate it is:
  • Will the theme match the location and venue? For example, traditional themes might pair much better with a sophisticated venue such as a hotel or manor house.
  • Is the theme appropriate for your guests? If the guests in question are your business or industry peers, then you may wish to go for a theme that’s classy and enjoyable. However, if it’s just friends and family attending, you might have more room to enjoy a quirkier theme.


Arriving in style at an event is a great way to start it with a bang. It can be an exclusive way of getting your most valued guests to and from the venue. If you have the funds to do so, hiring luxury transportation services will see you arrive and leave the venue like a celebrity. It’s also perfect for car enthusiasts who want to experience life in the fast-lane.

Little touches

It can be tempting to go for bigger and better when it comes to hosting a large event, but sometimes it’s the little touches that make an event worthwhile. Having welcome drinks when guests arrive will create the feeling that guests are being catered to after the moment they arrive. Creating small parting gifts can also add an element of care and luxury to an event by offering a token to remember you by.

Large, luxurious events can be quite time-consuming to organize. Not only will you sometimes have to haggle on the price of a venue or organize elaborate designs, but you will also have to add the finishing touches. Luxury is sometimes about the smaller gestures as well as the bigger ones.


  1. I would definitely be intimidated by hosting a big event. I agree that planning would be key to having it go well.


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