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Low Carb Sugar Free Syrups and Treats from Choc Zero

Photo Source: Choc Zero

I have been living a low carb lifestyle since February of this year and have been loving it.  I honestly do not miss bread, rice or potatoes.  There are so many healthier options to choose.  Growing up I was always fed a lot of bread because my dad was a bread baker by trade.  I also ate a lot of pastas and rices as side dishes. Through the years I continued that lifestyle.  Now that I know that those foods are not the best choices, I made a conscious decision to eliminate most carbs from my diet for personal and health reasons and that transition has been easier than I thought.  I am still discovering new recipes and foods to eat, and when I find products that are high quality and taste delicious, I love to share them with others.

Choc Zero is a brand that I always see people talking about on social media, so when I was contacted to try some of their products, I was beyond ecstatic.  Now, I know why people are so passionate about the brand.

Choc Zero makes chocolate and syrups that are so delicious I feel like I am cheating on my lifestyle! It is so nice to be able to have a little chocolate treat without guilt and with only one net carb per square, I can enjoy a piece daily... or two pieces...  There are different varieties to choose from including keto bark,  which is so delicious.  The chocolates are made using premium cocoa beans.  The squares are available in bags of 10. 

Choc Zero syrups are made without sugar or sugar alcohols, are GMO free and all natural.  They aren't watered down like some products on the market.  They are thick, rich and delicious.  Monk fruit is used to sweeten the syrup. They go perfect with the low carb waffles I discovered online.

More About Choc Zero Syrups

With Father’s Day approaching, what better time to grab a bottle of ChocZero’s sugar-free syrup? Afterall, dads love a delicious breakfast.

By providing a healthy alternative to these products with ingredients you can trust, ChocZero is proving health-conscious consumers or those with diabetes can have delicious food options minus the unnecessary sugar.

ChocZero has just revised their ingredients to contain even less carbs than before. Bottles of their syrup proudly display 1g net carb a serving. This makes it even more enticing for those on low-carb diets.

More about ChocZero syrup:
  • ChocZero’s syrup is the ONLY syrup on the market without sugar or sugar alcohols!
  • GMO free, low carb, and all natural.
  • No preservatives: they don't use water to dilute our syrup. This also means they're THICK and RICH!
  • They use monk fruit to sweeten the syrup.

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About Choc Zero

We started in late 2016 with two goals: to make a sugar free chocolate that was truly delicious and to create a company that cared about its customers. Now, over two years later, we've grown a passionate community of chocoholics and have even expanded our product line to contain a variety of sugar free syrups that contain no preservatives.

The best part? We're just getting started. With our customers' support, we want to transform the sugar free world: we believe products can taste great and be healthy too.
Disclosure:  I received product to review for my honest personal opinion.

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