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Motorola Two Way Radios Are Perfect for Communicating on Vacation

If you love the outdoors and love to take camping  and boating trips with your family, you know that there are going to be spots that do not have cellular service, yet you still want to be connected.  Motorola has great solutions to keep you connected and are affordable too, including these T100 Two Way radios!

I attend a lot of outdoor events that span large areas, like auto races and outdoor flea markets.   A lot of these events are in remote areas that do not have cellular service, so these portable handheld radios are perfect for me to communicate with others I am with.  They are also lightweight and small, so they don't take up any room.  With their attachable belt clips, they are easy to keep on myself without being in the way.  They are also a perfect size for little hands as well, so are perfect and durable enough for kids too.

If you keep an emergency kit in your car or if you take one with you when traveling, these two way radios would be an absolute must addition to that kit.

This set is also available in pink AND is also available in a 3-pack.  See below to purchase.

Simple, compact and easy for the entire family to use, the T100 is the perfect way to stay in touch when out and about, whether you're at the playground, hiking in the park or enjoying a picnic.

This colorful two-way radio has a range of up to 16 miles and features 22 channels, providing you with just what you need to instantly reach your family and friends and know they’re safe.

Check out my video featuring the Motorola T100 2-Way Radios
Physical Characteristics
Weight (lb): 0.25
Dimensions (inches): 5.22 H x 1.91 L x 1.1 W
Performance Characteristics
Range: up to 16 miles
# of Channels: 22 channels
Battery Life (alkaline): up to 18 hours

Motorola Talkabout T100 Series: Pre-K and Elementary Age Kids under $50
The Motorola Talkabout T100 series of two-way radios are compact and easy-to-use.  The small size is ideal for elementary age children who aren't in the cell phone stage quite yet, but they do need to check in with mom and dad in the neighborhood.  They are also fun for hours of playtime time outside!! They provide affordable and reliable communication at the park, soccer field, girl and boy scout outings, weekend camping trips and even enroute to the big game in the car.  They are also ideal for families with a passion for weekend adventures and active lifestyles. These radios are stylish and still provide reliable two-way communications when out of cell phone range..  Perfect for outdoor adventures and for giving kids independence without cell phone fees. They series come in blue and bright pink and easily fits into a pocket.  These feature 22 channels and up to a 16 mile range. They retail for $34.99 per pair, so are very affordable.  


  • Call Tones: A call tone is what people calling you can hear instead of the normal default ring. It grabs the attention of your family and friends before you start speaking.
  • Flashing Low Battery Alert: Low battery alert reminds you when batteries are running low.
  • Compatible with Any Radio: You can communicate with other FRS/GMRS radios regardless of brand by being on the same channel and privacy codes.
  • Keypad Lock: Keypad lock prevents your personalized settings from being inadvertently changed.
  • 22 Channels: With 22 channels, it’s easy to find an available channel.

To purchase your own set of Motorola Talkabout T100 visit Motorola HERE

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  1. These are pretty neat. I could see using them when camping or even at kids' ball games to keep track of kids. They would definitely be handy in an emergency if phone lines went down.

  2. We used to have some of these when my boys were little to use on the farm. This looks like a nicer set than what we had. I'll need some for my granddaughters in a couple of years.

  3. I can see how these could be really handy. Be great to have if you like to camp!


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