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Smart Tips to be More Organized When Packing For Vacation

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Packing for vacation can be a daunting task, but if you keep yourself organized with these smart tips, things can go smoother.

I have done so much short and long travel trips over the year, I feel that I have become sort of an expert in packing.  What use to take me hours or even days to do, now goes very quick for me.   If you travel a lot of weekends in the summer time, or throughout the year, one key tip I will give you is to keep a toiletries bag packed with items that you will only use for your trips.  This will make it easy to just grab and go easily, so you will only have to worry about your clothing and accessories.  Your toiletry bag should include the following items:

shower gel
face wipes/washes
first aid kit
shave cream
hand sanitizer
bug spray
spare phone charger
nail clippers

Smarter travel has a great Packing list that you can download and print. It will help make sure you don't forget anything when packing.

Pack Your Clothes Smartly

When packing your clothes for travel, a lot of us tend to overpack.  I couldn't begin to tell you how many times I pack for vacation and wind up not using half of the stuff I bring along.  Think of your outfits wisely.  There isn't anything wrong with using a pair of pants of shorts more than once during  your trip.  Also, 2-3 pair of shoes max is ideal.  One pair for casual, one for dressing up and one for sport.  You can wear a pair as well for the beach or gym.  Keep your shoes in plastic bags and if your luggage has outside zipped areas, those would be the best spot for them.

Rolling Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes and using compression bags can save you tons of space when packing.  With the high cost some airlines charge for baggage, it is smart to look for ways to save space.

Pack Jewelry Smartly

I like to take jewelry pieces with me when I travel.  Having a quality jewelry organizer with smart compartments will help you stay organized and help you easily find the pieces you want to wear.

A good jewelry organizer has space for all of your essentials and doesn't take up a lot of space in your travel bag.  It should ideally fit easily into your carry on as well.  

I recently received a very nice travel jewelry organizer from Ellis James Designs.  They specialize in travel organization items and have many smart products to help you be a smarter, more organized packer.

Check out this video showcasing the Grey Travel Jewelry Keeper shown above:

Product Details

  • Space for ALL of Your Jewelry – large or small
  • Keeps Everything Neat and Secure – no more tangles
  • Detachable Pouch – keep your essentials safe with you


  • Dimensions: 9.7 x 6.1 x 2 inches
  • Materials: Soft Touch Quilted Nylon
  • Water-Resistant and Padded for Protection

Travel Makeup Organizer

Having a space for everything you really need can help you keep your makeup organized.  Remember, you're going on vacation and you do not need to bring your entire makeup collection.  Packing the essentials is the smartest way to pack.  Here are some ideal makeup essentials to pack.  

eye liner
foundation or tinted spf lotion
lip gloss
lip stick
eye shadow pallet
body mist

Ellis James Designs has smart makeup organizers to help easily keep your makeup neat and easy to find.

About the product

  • BEAUTIFUL AND ELEGANT: Large enough to fit your daily essentials and makeup yet compact enough to make it the ideal companion for almost anywhere you go. The elegant design and smooth-running zippers make it an ideal home for all your make up and styling accessories
  • INTELLIGENT DESIGN: The Ellis James Designs Makeup Train Case will hold everything your beauty regime could demand. It features a large main storage compartment with dividers, a zipped compartment on the lid, 11 makeup brush holders and a makeup pouch
  • PADDED FOR PROTECTION: High-Quality, soft touch quilted Nylon. Padded for protection against accidental drops or bumps. The practical and safe way to store your items and keep everything neat and organized
  • IDEAL FOR TRAVEL: Ideal to use for travel, vacation, business trips, daily use or just at home as an elegant organizer for your makeup, cosmetics and toiletries
  • MAKES AN ELEGANT GIFT: Weather as a gift for a loved one, family, friend or simply for yourself. The Ellis James Makeup Train Case comes with a lovely and elegant gift box which makes it a great present for almost any occasion, such as birthdays, weddings or Christmas

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Disclosure:  I received product from Ellis James Designs to review.  This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. I'm not a great packer. I forget things and wind up shoving them in at the last moment. So, I need all the advice I can get.


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