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STEM Play That Intrigues Little Minds

Magnets Super Experiment Set  is  wonderful Science based STEM game that teaches children through experiments from Hand2Mind. Kids can learn the science behind magnetism in this fun kit, recommended for ages 8 and up.

The STEM at play! Series
Introduces kids in grades 3–12 to the wonders of STEM skills through a wide variety of experiment and activity kits. Ranging from slime to combustion science to a create-your-own-candy kit, each kit comes with a lab and career guide detailing each experiments’ instructions and a study of the particular field of science the kit explores.

Each set comes with everything seen here:

About Magnets Super Experiment Set:

  • Provide hours of fun with 9 different experiments, which will have kids floating magnets, moving a train, creating a compass, and more!
  • Support stem skills and explore the science behind magnetism with real lab tools
  • Stem at play kits, approved by stem. Org, help children learn new concepts and expand critical thinking through numerous, hands-on experiments
  • Perfect gift for future scientists, engineers, or any boy or girl interested in how magnets work
  • Please note: additional household materials are required for these experiments
  • STEM. org Authenticated as an Educational Product
  • We know fun and kids. hand2mind has been designing educational products for over 50 years!

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  1. I really like the idea of little kids learning through experiments. And, I mean, come on, everybody gets a kick out of magnets, lol.


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