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Summer Entertainment to Keep Your Children Learning From Highlights

Highlights have always been some of my favorite workbooks, and I remember looking forward to getting mine when I was a little girl.  It seems like they have been around forever.  When I had my own child, I made it a point to purchase Highlights for him so that he could enjoy them as much as I did.

I always loved getting work books for my son to use during the summer, so that he would be prepared for the next school year.  I felt that they helped him feel more confident going into the new year and he enjoyed the workbooks just as much as I enjoyed sharing that quality time with him.

We’ve reached it again - that special time of the year that has kids bursting at the seams for summer, and parents everywhere wondering “how do we keep them entertained (and learning) over the coming months?”

Long known as the ‘summer slide’ conundrum, the beloved Highlights brand is stepping up to the challenge with Highlights™ Summer Big Fun Workbooks, 144 pages of imaginative puzzling, humor, and whimsical illustrations that will engage children 3-6+ to build confidence in learning while also combating summer slide.

Used as entertainment on a summer road trip vacation, or during a random day at home, the Highlights™ Summer Big Fun Workbooks include ideas for simple ways to extend the learning through fun outdoor activities. Each book also features a rewarding certificate of completion at the end, in addition to simple tips to help parents guide their children through the activities in these workbooks.

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.  I received product to review.

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