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The Benefits of Bone Broth

Have you ever tried bone broth? It is said to be very beneficial and is a perfect addition to my low carb lifestyle.

Bone broth is a liquid that is made with animal bone and connective tissues.  There are different types of bone broth, including chicken, beef and fish.    It has been said that bone broth is beneficial to joint health and has other healthy benefits. Here are some of the top benefits of bone broth that are shared by Medical News Today.


The benefits of the nutrition that is found in bones includes vitamins and nutrients like calcium and magnesium.  The tissues of animal bones contains collagen which when cooked turns into gelatin which provides amino acids. 

Joint Protection

Collagen is important to joints.  Bone broth is a great source of gelatin.  Gelatin supplementation helps to increase collagen in tissues, which may help protect joints from stress.

Inflammation Reduction

If you have intestinal issues, bone broth contains the amino acid glutamine.  This amino acid is said to help heal intestinal barrier and may help with digestion.  If you drink bone broth on a daily basis it can help with its anti-inflammatory amino acids.

Osteoarthritis Benefit

Bone Broth has compounds that help your joint maintenance, which may help with osteoarthritis.

There was a study done in 2016 in Nutrition Journal.  There they looked at the effects of type 2 collagen and its effect on osteoarthritis symptons in the knees of those people.  The study was done using collagen from the connective tissues of chickens and showed that the collagen can help improve knee joint pain, stiffness and function in people with osteoarthritis.

Consuming bone broth may be an easy way to deliver the same type of collagen, and other helpful nutrients, to the body.

Weight Loss Support

Bone broth is a high protein, low carb food.  This helps you feel full longer and is a great way to get nutrients without a lot of calories.  Chicken bone broth has more protein than basic chicken broth.

Bone broth is a delicious way to add protein to our diets and help us feel full and satisfied.

Chicken bone broth is a precious resource for finding all of the valuable amino acids, collagen, gelatin and trace minerals your body craves! Brewed like a beer, infused like a tea, sipped like an espresso, FOND bone broth tonics are an ideal addition to your keto diet. Naturally gluten, dairy, and sugar free, full of collagen and free of toxins, each jar of bone broth is packed with flavors that will nourish and delight.

FOND bone broths are so delicious and come in a variety of flavors. They can be enjoyed on their own or in a home cooked meal, as a base.  The variety of flavors include:

Inside Job -  Apple Cider Vinegar, Bay Leaves, Fennel
Youth Tonic - Shiitake, Sage, Shallot
The Spur - Poblano, Beets, Serrano Peppers
Trolley Dodger - Yellow Onion, Radish, Lemon
Liquid Light - Black Pepper, Thyme, Tumeric
Bouquet Garni - Rosemary, Sage, Thyme
Mixed Case - Contains Each Flavor Plus a Seasonal Flavor

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