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Travel Destinations for Couples

Image by Bing N. from Pixabay

There is a certain element of ease and enjoyment when booking a holiday as a couple. You
don’t have to look for family-friendly destinations which suit a variety of people – it’s literally
whatever luxuries you and your partner want to enjoy.

For couples looking to book their next trip away, it’s key to seek a balance of romance, along with culinary experiences, potential day trips, and sightseeing.

To make your decision process a little easier, we’ve provided a list of five top holiday
destination, perfect for couples to holiday to.

Bali, Indonesia
Ideal for those who love aspects of Asia, Bali is by far one of the most picturesque
destinations growing more popular year after year. As well as having some breathtaking
hotspots, it is the island’s traditions and culture that attracts couples, especially those
seeking a varied holiday.

During the day, you can embark on yoga retreats in the quaint Ubud area or visit the many
15th Century temples and cascading waterfalls. Seminyak boasts some of Bali’s most
magnificent sunsets and beach clubs, or you can explore the Gili Islands – the paradise
islands you’ll never want to leave.

Granada, Spain
The old Spanish city of Granada is a place that is perfect for those couples who enjoy
exploring the history of a place, as well as embracing its magic and charm. Many couples
visit Granada to check out AlbaicĂ­n, an ancient Arabic quarter of Granada that travels up the

It’s like something out of a film, with winding, cobbled lanes leading to little flower-covered
houses lived in by the locals. Entwined in the trees and nature, you’ll find little secret
tavernas and plazas, making this place feel like an undiscovered town.

In Granada, you’re close to the mountains for spectacular views, but its real wow factor is
discovering a more historic and enchanting side of Spain. Plus, you’ll never tire of the
authentic tapas!

San Francisco, California, US
San Francisco is almost instantly recognizable, be that because of its steep streets, colorful
iconic houses, or the towering and staggering Golden Gate bridge. It offers beauty, charm,
and respite for visitors with lots of quaint experiences just waiting to be discovered.

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco bay, explore the Golden Gate park,
take a ride on one of the many trams that dart around the city, or visit the notorious former
prison on Alcatraz Island. For a colorful cultural getaway, look no further. You can check out
more options for everyone at for hotel recommendations, things to
see and more.

For those who like to fly further afield for one of the most romantic couple’s holiday you will
experience, Barbados is a potential for you. Known for its brochure-worthy idyllic beaches
and relaxed atmosphere, you can guarantee a laid-back holiday free from stress.

Barbados is a real ‘treat’ destination, allowing you to make use of its premium, world class
hotels, embracing the luxurious holidays some couples long for.

There is also much more to do than just live it up on glorious beaches and stay in 5-star
hotels. You can do a walking tour of Bridgetown, explore the pretty Andromeda Botanic
Gardens and the opulent oasis of Hunte's Garden, and of course, sip on rum punch at some of the relaxed beachfront bars with the locals!

Venice is the number one Italian destination for that long romantic weekend away break. If
you haven’t been before, you may have heard that Venice is much loved across the world forits bustling tourist atmosphere, beautiful gondolas, and unique architecture. 

Your trip to Venice will possibly be centered around its world-famous canals, which attract
millions each year. The canals are lined with gondolas taking you on trips, plus the endless
array of bars and cafes which line the canals make lovely lunch and coffee stops.

It’s a cultured city which is has a fantastic food scene too. From charming little Italian
restaurants serving up fresh seafood to pop-up stands boxing up the most piled up pizza
slices you’ve ever had, it’s a perfect romantic destination.

Together as a couple, assess how far you wish to travel and how long for, before confirming
the perfect trip for you both. However, once you’ve researched into the list above, you might
be booking that flight to Indonesia before you know it!


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