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Vampirina Batty Beach Cruiser With Lights and Sound is Ready for Summer Fun

Vampirina Batty Beach Cruiser is an adorable vehicle set that includes Vampirina, beach themed accessories and a beach cruiser that has lights, music and Vampirina phrases!  This is a fun summer gift for any child and perfect for taking on vacation!

You can catch Vampirina on Disney Junior! Visit for Vampirina fun! 

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Vampirina Batty Beach Cruiser

• This spook-tacular vehicle features designs and accents inspired by the Disney Junior

show, as well as car seats that double as beach chairs!
• Press the button on the cruiser’s hood to watch the headlights light up and hear fun
sounds and phrases from the show.
• Includes an exclusive 3.5” Vampirina figure dressed in a bat-tastic swimsuit, along
with lots of beach accessories including: a surfboard, a swim tube, and a beach
umbrella with play sand castle.
• Manufacturer: Just Play; Ages 3+, SRP $24.99; In Stores Now at Kohls, Walmart 

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  1. Vampirina's beach cruiser is too cool! My only question is: Does a girl like Vampirina soak up the rays at the beach or is she more of a moonlight swim kind of girl? Being a Vampirina and all.

    1. Vampirina can go outside during the day because of an intense sunblock she puts on

  2. My daughters love Vampirina. They have the Vampirina house and figurines, but they don't have any vehicles. They would love this, and the price is good. I love all the music from the show. It is super catchy. I love that the premise of this show is about inclusion for others.

  3. omg my grandaughter would totally flip for this,she loves vampirina ,theres so few car type toys out for girls this would fats become a favorite of hers im sure.

  4. As soon as I saw the name VAMPIRINA or Rinia as my great niece calls her, I had to smile. This is a important person right now, great niece's 3rd birthday is coming up. Mommy asked what kinda party she wanted and her answers was Rinia. Well grandma in Chicago is NOT happy at all, she has bought Minnie Mouse stuff for the party. I have to admit when Zay is here I do enjoy watching this with her. She would love this car so I need to do some looking.

    1. That is so adorable. It is a newer item but should be available on Amazon, if not now, soon. You can click the Walmart affiliate link on my right tab as well. I believe it is avaiable there.


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