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4 Home Improvement Projects For The Whole Family

Getting the family involved in home improvement projects is a fantastic way to save money, teach some valuable new skills, and enjoy some quality time with your loved one. With this in mind, here are four fun home improvements that the whole family can get involved with. 
1. Build a granny flat 
A granny flat offers a number of fantastic benefits - it can be used as accommodation for an elderly family member, rented out to bring in an extra source of income, or converted into a home office, gym, or games room. Granny flats typically increase the value of your property and are considered an attractive feature if you decide to sell your home, making them a great investment. Whats more, many granny flats come flat packed meaning you can save money by constructing them in your backyard yourself. The whole family can have fun and get involved building a granny flat, and you can use the opportunity to teach your kids some valuable construction skills. Take a look at for a great selection of quality granny flats available in Sydney. 
2. Repaint the walls 
Repainting the walls may seem like a fairly major task but it is actually fairly simple - check out these useful tips on making painting the walls easier. Adding a fresh coat of paint will not only instantly freshen up your home decor and improve the visual appeal of your interiors, but its also a fun DIY activity that the whole family can get involved with. Why not try experimenting with different colors and let your kids get involved with picking a new vibrant shade. You could also give your outdoor fencing and door a facelift at the same time. 
3. Create a compost bin 
compost bin is a fantastic way to reduce waste and make your home more eco-friendly. Making a compost bin is super easy - you just get a suitable container, add kitchen leftovers, and put it somewhere in your garden where worms can get to it. Once you have a compost bin set up, help speed up the process and make it even more fun by asking the kids to add a few garden worms. The worms will eat the waste and turn it into a valuable type of fertiliser that you can then use in your garden. This means you can keep your garden looking great and teach your family the importance of helping the environment at the same time!
4. Upcycle furniture 
Recycling and reducing waste is an important lesson to teach children. Upcycling old furniture is a fun family project that will create beautiful unique pieces, teach your kids valuable skills, and save you money on replacing worn or damaged furniture. You could use old shipping pallets to create a trendy outdoor table or seating, turn an old desk into a couple of nightstands, or spray paint and upholster old chairs to create gorgeous new dining room seating. 

Upcycling allows you to transform pretty much any furniture into a brand new item of improved functionality and appearance.