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4 Ways to Update Your Kitchen

A kitchen has the ability to transform the mood and ambiance of an entire house. As one of the busiest areas in a property, the mood and ambiance of the kitchen can easily spread to other parts of the house. On top of that, a kitchen needs to be both beautiful and functional, all while being warm and welcoming.
Sounds like a tall order? Well, not really. There are gorgeous design ideas, functional layouts, and plenty of resources to utilize if you are in the process of creating the perfect kitchen for your house. You don’t even have to completely remodel the kitchen to get great results. These simple updates and tweaks will refresh your kitchen for the better.
Pick a Color Scheme
Updating the color scheme of your kitchen is one of the first – and easiest – things to consider if you are updating the kitchen. The right color combination can transform the kitchen completely. Stick to two or three complementary colors and balance things out with touches of texture and surfaces.
Adding white and dark blue, for instance, can add a modern touch to the kitchen. Paired with white brick wall and backsplash created using different shades of white and grey tiles, you can make your kitchen pop with a clean and welcoming look.
New Surfaces
Kitchen countertops and surfaces are not only easy to replace, but also very substantial. Once you have determined the colors you want to add to the kitchen, you can begin searching for materials that work great for your kitchen.
Granite is still the best option if you have some extra budget for the kitchen update, but it is certainly not the only material to consider. You can also opt for composites like Corian or even hardwood, depending on the final look you want to achieve.
Custom Cabinets
Adding plenty of storage space is essential in a kitchen update project. When you have more storage space to work with, it is much easier to keep the kitchen looking clean and airy. Without that storage space, however, you may end up with an area that looks cluttered and uncomfortable.
Fortunately, you also have more options when it comes to storage options. Using cabinet drawers with custom doors, you can add more storage space to the area without ruining the gorgeous design lines you are adding to the kitchen.
Multi-Function Appliances
Let’s not forget that kitchen appliances are far more advanced today, so don’t be surprised to find new gadgets and kitchen appliances offering multiple functionalities. A convection microwave can double as an oven. The latest refrigerators have built-in dispensers and ice makers.
Even induction cooktops are getting more efficient. You can install an induction cooker that accepts an unlimited number of pans (within the induction area), making your cooking area more efficient. It is certainly better than using gas stoves with large frames and protruding stoves.
Once you have these elements updated, you can move on to other parts of the kitchen. Adding new items to the island, transforming the kitchen lighting setup, and adding window treatments to create a warmer ambiance during the day are just as impactful. Be sure to stay tuned for more kitchen remodeling tips and updates here on ZOE.