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A Guide: Helping Your Children Adjust to Moving

You’re not meant to stay in the same place for the entirety of your existence, so don’t feel bad if you ever have the need or feel the urge to relocate to a new area. Moving is just a way of life. When your time to up sticks and seek pastures new does come, however, just be sure to spare a thought for your children. The move will be a far bigger deal to them than it is to you — to them, it’ll feel like their whole world is being turned upside down.

To ensure that your children are able to adjust to their new chapter in life, you should be sure to put the following advice into practice. Fail to do so, and you could make everything about your move much more difficult than it needs to be.

Enroll them in a school that shares your family values

Your children will find it difficult to comprehend the fact they are enrolling in a new school. No matter how good their new school may be, your kids will no doubt clamber for the safety and comfort of their old surroundings, friends, and teachers. For this reason, it is important to enroll them in a new school that shares your family values. Doing so will help your children adjust to their new chapter in life a lot easier and quicker, simply because they’ll see and experienced things that they recognize in life and are already comfortable with.

If you and your family are devoted Christians or share the same values and vision as those that practice this religion, then you should enrollthem in a school such as Plenty Valley Christian College. As stated on, this educational institution values faith, wisdom, truth, grace, character, service, and love — if your children already know and understand these values, they’ll find it a lot easier to accept and embrace their new school when they move to it.

Give them some degree of control

The aspect of moving home that will be likely to scare your children the most is the feeling that they are not in control of their own destiny. If they feel like they are being uprooted and shepherded around against their will, your kids will no doubt rebel against the relocation a lot moreand struggle to adjust to their new chapter in life as a result.

To avoid this problem and get your kids on board with the idea of starting afresh somewhere else, you should be sure to provide them with some degree of control over the move as well as some independence with regards to their lives. Fear not, this doesn’t mean that you have to give your kids free rein to choose your new home and neighborhood for you — if that were allowed to happen, you’d probably end up moving into Disneyland! Giving your kids some control in this instance simply means allowing them to play a role in the decision making process — you could allow them to pick and decorate their own rooms in your new home, for example. Little things like this will be sure to make all the difference in helping your kids adjust to the big move.

When you decide to up sticks and relocate, it’s imperative that you help your children make peace with the idea of moving. Take the above advice, and you’ll find that to be a much easier task.


  1. It's hard to move for anyone, but for kids it can mean they're leaving friends, schools, family, etc. It's important to recognize that and do all you can to help,

  2. I get it. I have moved more times than I can count so I know it must be hard on a kid. Great advice Patty!


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