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How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Glasses for Your Face Shape

When it comes to stylish and attractive glasses, there is a massive amount of choice available these days. Eyeglasses are not only an essential for your vision and health, but they can also be a huge fashion statement, allowing you to truly express yourself and make a good impression on others. If your optometrist, such as Mao Eye Care  has told you that you need to wear glasses for the first time, or you simply want to upgrade your current frames, then we’ve put together a handy guide to help you choose the right kind of eyeglasses for you. 
Determining Your Face Shape:
Knowing the different categories for basic face shapes will help you get a better idea of which one your face fits, which will help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the best shape of eyeglasses for you. Whilst everybody’s face is different, they are typcially seven general shapes, which are oval, square, round, heart-shaped, oblong, rectangular, and triangular. Each face shape has different distinguishing features; for example, round faces tend to have fuller cheeks and a rounded, full forehead and chin, whilst square faces tend to have strong, wide foreheads and chins. Check out this guide to determining your face shape to get started.  
Determine if Your Face is Angular or Soft:
Whether your face is angular or soft is, in many ways more important than the shape itself. Look at yourself in the mirror and determine whether your face has hard edges and angles, or whether the contours are softer and more curvaceous. It can help to use a dry erase marker to outline the shape of your reflection on the mirror. Many people with strong facial angles will have them mainly around the jaw, forehead and chin, which tends to be more popular with rectangle, heart-shaped, square and some oval shaped faces. 
Understanding the Right Frame Shapes for Your Face:
Soft, rounded faces: Usually look best with hard-angled frames like square or rectangular. 
Heart-shaped faces: Tend to suit frames that are wider or detailed on the bottom. For a proper fit, frames should be slightly larger than the forehead. 
Square and rectangle faces: Look great with frames that soften and contrast the hard angles of the face, like oval or round shaped frames. Thin, delicate frames will soften a heavy, angled jawline. 
Triangular faces: Choose glasses that emphasise the top half of the frame such as half-rimmed or cat-eye shaped frames. 
Oblong faces: Usually suit round or curved frames to take away from the length of the face whilst emphasizing the width. 
Oval faces: Will look great in almost any type of frame, so choose something that suits your tastes and personality, whether you’re going for sleek and stylish Burberry eyeglasses or something unique, bright and funky. If you have an oval face, you can be sure that any frames you like will suit you well. 
With so many glasses frames options available today, choosing the right pair for you can seem like a minefield. Narrow down your choices by understanding your face shape before you find a frame that matches your tastes.