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How to Give Your Home a Bohemian Makeover

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Summer has finally begun, but your house is still stuck in the depths of winter. To help celebrate the sunshine’s arrival, it’s possible that you are searching for the ideal interior inspiration to liven up the living room, kitchen, bedroom and more key areas of your property. Look no further than the timeless bohemian style; it’s the perfect mix of comfort and color that will warm your place up in no time. Adding a handful or all of the items below will get you well on your way to living a boho-chic lifestyle as just a few alterations can transform any room.

Kilim cushions
The staple of any boho interior, kilim cushions are all the rage right now and can work with any given color scheme. Scatter pale pastel, indigo blue or traditional red pillows onto your sofa and bed to introduce some textiles to the space.

Macrame wall hangings
If you’re wondering what macrame actually is, you might want to head over to the marketplace Etsy. You’ll find plenty of examples there, and luckily they’re all available to purchase! This intricate knotting technique produces beautiful fabric hangings that can be added to any interior wall.

Persian rugs
This next item might be a bigger investment to make but can transform your home in one fell
swoop. Look after it well, and it will last a lifetime. What’s more, there are plenty of oriental rug cleaning companies to help with that task.

African baskets
Used for storage or wall decor, African baskets are always an item on the boho list. Where
possible, try and source products from Fair trade establishments and support local communities. It’s a wonderful feeling to know your hard earned cash is going to a good cause.

Tropical house plants
House plants are one of the easiest ways to bring the sunshine into your home but consider if you can look after them first. If you can, they’ll not only help your house feel tropical but will keep the air filtered and clean.

Patterned blankets
Even though the colder days have passed, it’s always nice to have a blanket to hand for those cozy nights in on the sofa. To keep with a bohemian theme, choose patterned throws with contrasting colors, plus maybe even a little tassel or two.

Footstools and floor seats
To give your home a more relaxed look, try adding a footstool or floor seat. Ikea has a whole range of choices, that won’t break the bank, in some wonderful textures and materials. Seagrass or rattan is probably the way to go if you want to stick to the theme. Many will also double up as storage space which is always a welcomed bonus.

Colorful crockery
If you really want to dine out on the bohemian vibe, you might want to replace your crockery.
Mismatched and vibrant would best suit this style as it’s all about freedom and art. What better way to represent this nonconformist way of life than an uneven bowl or lopsided plate. Here’s to a colorful summer!