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Spark Your Creative Side: Hobbies That Get Your Mind Engaged

If you’re a creative person, it can be hard to find new hobbies to try. Often, creative people will gravitate towards hobbies and interests they are naturally inclined to try. For instance, those who enjoy painting will often stick to the realm of illustrating and drawing, while those who enjoy a hands-on approach will stick to pastimes such as pottery and textiles. If you are looking to try something new, here are a few activities that will keep your creative side engaged. 
If you’re looking for a hobby that you can reap the benefits from, then jewelry-making is one of the most perfect options to try. This is particularly the case if you find yourself roaming high-street fashion outlets and being disappointed with the products on offer. Online jewelry-making suppliers such as Alexcraft allow you to pick chains and pendants according to your own tastes. Not only that, but it could create a little side-hustle if you are prepared to part with your creations. 
While many people may associate knitting with senior citizens, it is actually a creative hobby that can be all-consuming if you let it. While many people would shun the idea of a tacky 70s patterned jumper, a richly-colored sailor’s sweater is very much in-vogue. On top of that, the act of knitting itself isn’t all that easy. Getting your technique down to create a garment that’s wearable and tightly-knitted takes concentration and work. It’s a hobby that could keep your brain pleasantly occupied. 
Screen printing 
Going to art classes is a common creative hobby for people to experiment with, however, don’t just stick with watercolor painting or charcoal sketching groups. Going to screen printing class can be just as immersive as painting – and you’ll create a masterpiece that feels completely different from anything you’d create freehand. These classes are great for making birthday cards and decorative posters around the house.
Bullet-journaling has become incredibly popular over the last few years. It’s a way of taking your to-do list and giving it a makeover. However, it’s also a way of engaging your creative side and thinking of new visual ways to plan your weeks and months ahead. Here are a few ways you could use your bullet journal: 
• Your wedding planning: using captivating illustrations to signify each benchmark and organize each week will help you reach the big day with everything ticked-off – and in enormous style. 
• Personal goals: did you want to take up yoga? Get better at cooking? A bullet journal could help you illustrate your goals and create new ones as your progress. 
• Working week: We’d all like it if our working weeks were more interesting. By filling your diary with patterns, designs, and color, you could help make the days ahead seem far less drab.
Whichever hobby you take up, be sure to be cautious with your expenditure. Instead of buying the full kit and clearing out a room for your new hobby, try it first and see if you like it. That way, you can build on your new hobby, and hopefully come back to it time and time again.


  1. I am very uncrafty but these are great ideas. I do like counted cross stitch.

  2. I've always wanted to learn to knit. I've even bought the materials. But something always gets in the way, lol. I need to just do it.


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