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The Importance of Boiler Pre-Treatment to Industries

No matter what field of industry you find yourself in, from hospitality to dry cleaning and manufacturing, water is an important ingredient for your operations. You will need pure, clean water that exceeds the standards sought by your clients, as well as water-handling equipment that works in optimal conditions. A solution to both these demands is water pretreatment before its intended use. Learn more about the potential consequences of untreated water, the benefits of the practice and more. 

Consequences of Untreated Water

Even though water is one of the more "purer" substances in nature, it still contains a variety of minerals, solids and other contaminants that make it unsuitable for consumption. The food and hospitality industries usually have more stringent standards when it comes to water treatment. Other industries, particularly those that use water for mechanical function, have lower standards, and as a result, barely filter or treat their water. Impure water impacts steam generators and boilers in multiple ways, including:
  • Scale and mineral formation
  • Corrosion 
  • Staining
  • Sludge build-up
  • Low-quality products
The temperature and pressure of the machinery leads to the formation of these issues. All these effects can alter the quality of the water and impact the equipment and machinery of your plan, costing you a substantial amount of time and money in repairs and production slowdown. 

Benefits of Treated Water

There are a number of benefits that stem from the process of boiler pretreatment akron. No matter what water treatment method you choose to create suitable water for boiler and machinery use, it will guarantee a smoother performance and less contaminant build-up. By pretreating your boiler water, you will reduce the risk of sludge, mineral deposits and other dangers to your machinery. Additionally, high-quality water will result in better products, further benefiting your chosen industry field. 

Water Pretreatment Methods

Thankfully, you have multiple options for water treatment. One of the most popular pretreatments is reverse osmosis. This method involves filtering water using a semi-permeable membrane. With the application of pressure on the contaminated water, it will travel to the less contaminated side through the membrane, leaving all solids, minerals and other pollutants behind. Among other pretreatment options for your feedwater are:
  • Water softening
  • Carbon filtration
  • Demineralizing 
  • Ultraviolet disinfection
  • Dealkalizing 
Throughout several industries and services, water is a vital part that allows them to function and serve the populace at large. Ensure the wellbeing of your company and the high quality of your products by pretreating your water before using it for boilers, steam generators, and water heaters.  


  1. I had honestly never thought about this. I guess it's true, there are a lot of businesses that need to be sure their water is good.


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