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Ways to Treat Your Partner to a Fun Weekend

Looking for some entertainment for the weekend? There’s plenty to do as long as you know where to look. Enjoying a weekend activity with your loved one is an even better way to spend it, so you can share in the fun and make some memories. Here are some suggestions on ways to plan and treat your partner to an enjoyable weekend. 

Go for a long bike ride

As long as the weather is good (and even if it isn’t, dependingon how hardy you are!), a long bike ride can be a lovely way to spend a day. Tune up your bikes, or rent them if you need to, plan a route along some scenic paths, and head out with some good company and some good music for a soundtrack to your ride. If you’ll be riding all day, you should also pack some snacks or bring a picnic for a romantic break. Plan ahead a bit and prepare some simple picnic foods, and maybe even bring a bottle of wine to share as long as you can still ride safely afterwards. 

Go to a concert

Nothing says ‘good time’ more than seeing your favourite band live, especially if it’s a band you and your partner both love. What’s better than singing your heart out with the band and hundreds or thousands of other people, dancing to every song, and most importantly, enjoying it with your partner? Find a local show at a small venue for something more intimate, or grab tickets to a huge concert at a stadium — either way, the atmosphere will be exciting and energetic, and you’ll leave feeling pumped and full of joy.

Go to a sports game

There’s nothing like being in a stadium full of die-hard sports fans, all wearing the colours of the home team, listening to the thunderous cheer erupting every time there’s a good play. Even if you aren’t big into sports, seeing an event live is much different than watching it on your TV, or even at a bar. The energy level of the crowd is truly something you need to bear witness to fully comprehend, and the camaraderie amongst fans is a lot of fun as well. You can grab tickets online for convenience, where they have NFL ticket for sale, so you can fully surprise your partner. 

Go to the beach

If you’re in the city, why not treat them to a relaxing beach day? Get out of town and head to the coast where the weather’s fine and the vibe is laid back. Bring some towels, sunscreen, bathing suits, and maybe a picnic, and spend the day lying in the sun, playing in the water, and enjoying each other’s company. Just don’t forget to stay hydrated if it’s really hot!

Take a class together

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try? Maybe it’s that yoga class you’ve been thinking about, or a kickboxing class, or perhaps a cooking class. Well, why not include your partner and try it together? It can be a lot of fun trying something new as a pair, because not only are you learning a new skill or hobby but also you might even learn something new about each other.