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Why Everyone Needs a Luxury Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles are mistakenly thought of as a must-have bedroom comfort just for wintertime. However, hot water bottles can be endlessly useful in other ways, and chilly nights occur at other times of the year too
Here are a few ways that you could benefit from owning a luxury water bottle. 
For Everyone – Luxury and Comfort
A luxurious water bottle that’s covered to make it comfy to lay on top of you is a decadent pleasure. Rather than the old days of a hard plastic bottle that shocks to the touch, a luxury fur hot water bottle is soft and caresses your skin as it warms you up.
If you own a cat, you may find yourself fighting to keep your bottle to yourslef. Your feline friend may want to cosy up to it just as much as you do!
For the Ladies - Use a Hot Water for Period Pains
When it’s your time of the month and the cramps are unusually painful, a hot water bottle is a great way to get some relief. It’s a natural approach that avoids using painkillers to lessen the symptoms. 
Some women are even taking to bringing a hot water bottle to work so they can get through the workday when the pains are debilitating. While it might seem a little unusual, we dare say that their employer would prefer that they were at work than stuck in bed.
If you don’t have periods yourself, show the lady in your life how much you appreciate and understand her with this luxurious gift.
For the Energy Conscious – Save Money on Heating
For unusually cold nights, it takes longer for the duvet to heat up when you climb into bed. When it’s not yet winter and your heating system is on a summer schedule, you might not want to mess with itSo, what do you do?
Rather than wasting money on the heating bill, just heat up some water, fill up your luxury water bottle, and climb under the covers. It’s a cheaper and faster way to get the bed all toasty for bedtime
For Days You’re Feeling Sick?
When you’re feeling under the weather, staying warm is harder than usual. If you have a cold and are suffering from chills, a hot water bottle is the answer. Because it’s soft, it can also be a great comfort when you’re feeling under the weather.
For the Lonely – Need Something Warm to Cuddle?
This applies to everyone, including pets. The bed feels a little less lonely when there’s someone in there with you. If you’resingle right now, having a soft, warm water bottle lying next to you feels just that bit better. You don’t have to entertain it or try to be funny, and it’ll still want to cuddle in the morning too!
So, there you have it. We’re sure you never realized just how useful fur water bottle can actually be in your life.


  1. Interesting but makes sense! I have never seen a "luxury hot water bottle" before. Sounds nice.


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