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Why You Should Invest in Cutlery from the UK

The right cutlery can help to make special occasions more sophisticated, act as a wonderful gift for weddings and home warmings, and their durability can also help your everyday life run smoothly. Whether you need high-quality tableware for a special occasion, or whether you are intending to start a new life with cutlery that will last for a lifetime, the UK is one of the best countries to buy cutlery from, and many buyers choose to travel to the UK to buy their cutlery sets if they are looking for high quality and traditional cutlery to complement their kitchen. 
1. Top Tableware Brands
Due to its historical roots, the UK has a number of trusted and highly skilled brands which are famous through the world for their quality and immaculate designs. These include Carrs Silver and Arthur Price, with many other more contemporary brands providing an alternative to traditional cutlery designs. To find some of the top UK cutlery brands for purchase, Lincoln House Cutlery can provide you will all of the most trusted cutlery brands in the UK, along with their own extensive range of Sheffield cutlery. 
2. Historical Value
The UK has had a long history of cutlery making since at least the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. However, the first recorded creation of cutlery in the UK was in 1297, where the tax records mention cutlery makers in the city of Sheffield. This long and valued history in Sheffield and the rest of the UK has led many people to travel to the UK for their cutlery in order to own a piece of history, with many well-known brands developing their reliable and stellar steelwork from the cutlery companies of the past. 
Not only has this led to the UK brands becoming some of the most famous in the world, but their long history has led to an unquestioned quality. However, when transporting cutlery from the UK, you need to be aware of travel restrictions regarding cutlery in hand luggage, although cutlery and other sharp objects are allowed in the hold. 
3. High-Quality Materials
Companies in the UK also use extremely high-quality materials in order to make their products. Many UK companies use sterling silver in their cutlery, which combines silver with other elements such as nickel. Although silver can tarnish, silverware is the perfect option for special occasions and even daily life. This is due to its durability and long-lasting sheen, as long as you find the right cleaning methods. The UK also creates great products in stainless steel, one of the more common materials used in cutlery production. Most companies use 18/8 or 18/10 stainless steel, which is of a much higher quality than 18/0 and rusts at a much slower pace.
If you want to invest in some of the most intricate and durable cutlery in the world, the UK is the best location to start. From its long and varied history in cutlery making and metalwork to its array of traditional and trusted brands that have built up their reputation over centuries, the UK is the place to find cutlery not only for special occasions but for your everyday usage.